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----------------------------------------Ah i knew, Zero quiet misses Mercenary.Poor Albus, still trapped like a bird in a cage and also being put on publicly dislay...Seems this illustration explores some storytelling around false executions the witches. Quite tense illustration as I had actually expected. I'm surprised how well Mercenary works with an additional beast though.

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Wolf man is glorious, i like him. Ns didn't recognize what duty he played prior to but currently we know. He's a womanizer and just goes through the flow and also happened to fulfill Sorena and also her granddaughter.He carried the entirety episode because that me (also the reveal which was obvious though after a while).More of wolf guy and Mercenary interactions please.

It's sad to view Zero miss out on Mercenary. For this reason Albus is Sorena's granddaughter. Ns can't say i didn't' see that coming. Got to view some backstory because that Hordem. He's been protecting Sorena's granddaughter. Thirteen is really good at manipulating people.
Judging indigenous the "slightly-new" intuitive of the OP, ns guess mr. Dog confront is gonna sign up with the Trio?So Mercenary and mr. Dog face are having some Beast collapse chat about their past in the forest. Yet the time is running close to for Albus to do his decision, whether to obtain alongside Thirteen or get burned in stake. And also his answer leader mr. Dog face and Mercenary earlier to the city to perform the rescue.
Good episode.Wolf male is actually no a poor guy, he's nice cool in his very own way. XDAs most civilization here were predicting, looks prefer Albus is without doubt Sorena's granddaughter, what's an ext is that Sorena was probably setup by the male who stole the grimoire in the very first place.I liked how Wolf and Mercenary worked together to conserve Albus, the action was nice decent. Them carriage brawls. XD
So it's been evidenced that Albus is Sorena's granddaughter. Not surprising.I prefer the wolf guy. A cool person.I wonder what Thirteen is planning.
Can someone please check whether Albus is male or mrs ... I'm using HS and while Albus is revealed as Sorena's Granddaughter, Both Mercenary and also Wolf (?) still refer to Albus together 'him" sometimes ... Is this mis-translation ?
Now all that remains is because that him come realize around Zeros tiny magical spell on him; and to of course go acquire the human he misses back and resolve thirteen / the ; kinda figued albus was a girl through the reactions showed particularly when zero and merc were sleeping together. Glad to check out its cleared up now lol
So is Albus in reality male or female? They save swapping between "he" and "she" so much that it's simply downright confuse really. That aside, ns don't particularly like this revelation around Albus' importance considering how inept and pointless the feels together a character, but it is an interesting development nonetheless, although just how things go from right here isn't yes, really clear.
Albus theory shown lol At very first I didn't really choose the wolf guy yet this illustration made me watch him in an entirely new and pleasant light and also now i can't help myself to choose a lot and also hopefully the doesn't die at the end of all this 13 continues to stroked nerves me though and also I want him dead even more now
call me dumb, however I just noticed that 13 has Dio's Voice lmao (I to be expecting ZA WARUDO over there XD)well things are getting interesting now, Albus is a Girl then? and also Zero is waiting for his lovely beast to conserve her... Can't wait
Just give them a pair of end sized breasts and a happy ending and they'll oink for an ext every time
The greatest twist of the illustration was knowing wolf male was a bishie when he to be human. Ns wonder if Albus is male or female. "She" is refered as Sorena's granddaughter though the episode, yet later both Mercenary and Wolf still describe "her" together "boy" after lock escaped from Plasta.
okay in the execution scene the whole illustration was terrible...but i like it part way...sometimes i think 13 may be right...but a idont really know what have to i think
Wow Albus is in reality Sorena's grandaughter!!! ns didn't see that coming what a shock! i really prefer the direction the story is headed currently I just hope they deserve to wrap it all up without rushing at the end
I in reality really favor Mr wolf (Holdem?) and also the truth that he's joined the party. He is even in the opening now, standing beside the others.
I ddin't experienced so much problem with the design at the execution scene, in reality i favored a lot of lolAlso i liked of Mr. Wolf-san joining come the protagonists party by now. I didn't choose him at firt however with his episode i witnessed him with various other eyes. Yet the real questions is: Albus genre, Albus is a girl or a boy. I never was so puzzled with a personality genre prior to as i am through Albus.
Wolf man a bro, the willingly became a beast and took that of albus who is sorena's nephew :OHe and yohei rescue her and also escape the pursuit.
Hmmm, I'm really suspicious of Thirteen in ~ this point. Ns kinda wonder if Thirteen is actually the secret "Him" we save hearing about or, is in reality working v "Him" in secret. Execute not trust in the slightest. Hope Zero pulls the end the eldritch horror card and also toasts that ;P
Thirteen the bastard, ns doubt the he actually cares for Zero. It's therefore sweet just how much Zero cares because that "her" mercenary
Albus is nice mature because that his she age, his tiny speech wasn't fifty percent bad.I also liked the chemistry between Youhei and the wolf guy, the method he was referred to as aniki made the look choose they were old friends. Fairly surprising that the wolf was turned right into a beastfallen ~ above his own will.Thirteen confirmed his skills at manipulating civilization again, he also knows around the order Zero placed on Youhei. Let's check out if the assassins he's sending out are a risk or just fodder.Lol
One item episode 914 & 915 to be a mistake and also 957 carried the salvationGo vote below if you're one One item enjoyer.
What? Wolf guy suddenly turned great after enslaving three girls and also was attempting to death the Mercenary, surprising that the Merc simply trust him like that. He is still not decent also a little in my eyes.
That rescue went method too smoothly, whereby was the preemptive defense????? Those shackles were undone so conveniently too.
No surprises that Zero & Mercenary still require each other, hopefully they can reunite soon, perhaps the following episode due to the fact that of the title?I was able to put 2 and also 2 with each other after I observed the blonde hair that Sorena's granddaughter and also Hordem saying the Zero smelt choose her.I don't dislike Hordem anymore after this episode, he really wanted to assist Sorena and also was looking after ~ Albus.
Best episode so farThe activity and the joke is pretty well hereLove that sorena flashback and also wolf male is cool bro lolAnd albus finally display up as a girl lol, no suprise
Rayrin said:What? Wolf male suddenly turned an excellent after enslaving three girls and also was attempting to death the Mercenary, surprising the the Merc simply trust him like that. He is still no decent also a little in mine eyes.
Rayrin said:What? Wolf man suddenly turned good after enslaving three girls and was attempting to death the Mercenary, surprising that the Merc simply trust him favor that. That is still not decent also a little in mine eyes.
So the concept of Albus gift Sorena's granddaughter has been confirmed. Looks favor the wolf dude can join their team at this point, because he's so fixated top top protecting Albus. Sort of odd though, see as just how just a few episodes ago he had actually 3 slaves.... I also thought that was amazing how Thirteen showed concern for Zero once he interfered as soon as the guard struck Mercenary. Ns wonder if he actually cares around her or if the doesn't want her to it is in harmed due to the fact that he has actually bigger plans the involve her....
Solena, status prior to deceased, grandmother, visual age, 21.any see the preview, seems prefer they are in the tavern from back in ep7.
Exciting episode. Love it. Appears like every little thing is connecting together. All makes sense now, great series. Wonder if we gain to view the cute tavern girl again.The wolf is currently in your group based upon the opening. Regardless of how he is somewhat of a nice man relating to Sorena and also Albus, the is quiet play around with mrs -_- prefer those servant girls.
1. Send out the assassins.2. I desire them every alive.3. ??????????????????I was under the impression the Wolf man enslaved 3 girls.
Wolf male is suddenly a quite awesome bro. Not surprised that it was actually a girl however I didn't think she would be regarded Sorena. Sends out assassins to catch them alive? LOL
Rayrin said:What? Wolf male suddenly turned great after enslaving three girls and also was attempting to kill the Mercenary, surprising the the Merc simply trust him favor that. He is still no decent even a little bit in mine eyes.
Glad something occurred in this last 2 episodes. Ns was yes, really off put by the begin of illustration six and the totality "DINNERTIME!" timeout castle did. Claimed the innkeeper girl didn't stay she was gelbooru material.
Well the was short. Merc has a lot of of possible shipMerc x ZeroMerc x 13Merc x wolf-kunMerc x tavern girlMerc x albus(?)
>I had actually no mind when ns was 12>Then everyone must had actually no mind when they to be 12>I experimented 100 samples and proved that they had no brain when they were 12>Therefore kids cannot consentThis is what science has done to humanity.
Rayrin said:What? Wolf male suddenly turned good after enslaving three girls and also was attempting to death the Mercenary, surprising the the Merc simply trust him choose that. That is still no decent even a little in mine eyes.
I dunno man. If wolf-kun is really trying to find Albus then what does that have to do with keeping slaves? likewise Sorena is his moral figure according to his backstory, what happened to his morality and he started maintaining slaves? I assumed the whole point of wanting to it is in a wolf is to turn his back from his degenerate life as a human, so why go back to his degenerate life once he's currently a wolf?in the end he is a bastard through and through
>I had actually no brain when ns was 12>Then everyone must had actually no brain when they to be 12>I experimented 100 samples and also proved the they had no brain when they to be 12>Therefore kids cannot consentThis is what science has actually done come humanity.
And Albus is revealed to it is in a girl. And critical character on height of that.Wolf male sure is inconsistent. Found the totality backstory a bit forced. Great he wasn't so corrupt before and also I wouldn't mind.13-ban is for this reason annoying. Want to know more about his backstory.

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This episode illustrates alot the what ns find difficult about this series.Dog-face's 2 faces, he volunteers to aid Sorena, yet enslaves innocents, wants to death for revenge over some fur, then is in reality on a big mission to conserve Albus.Sorena, who is old, kind, wise, and also seriously thinks she unjust fatality will solve something (anything?).The mercenary, who has actually been betrayed repetitively on the battlefield, but trusts dog-face as soon as he traction this story completely against every previous encounters through him.He can also run in a directly line at full speed v a group of humans, whilst no getting any type of closer to his goal.Albus, that inherited the flame-proof gene that his/her grandmother, a teenager(?) that have the right to endure the tremendous pain that being burned at the stake (a torturous and also graphic method to publicly show the folly that sin) without a sound, and also encourages peace-loving witches to strike down and kill a kingdom official in publicly (so that they have the right to live in harmony).The mob, whose age old hate of witches only started witch hunts a couple of years earlier etc.Emiya-kun needs to speak to 13th around what assassins do.Also, this episode lacked the Zero x Mercenary banter.