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Yeah I've to be there (been there) and I've done the (done that)Used come knock the pussy out, currently she runnin backSo ns knock the pussy out - knock it out, knock it outI punch the pussy out - knock it out, knock that outYeah I've been there (been there) and also done the (done that)Used to knock the pussy out, currently she runnin backSo i knock the pussy out - knock that out, knock that outI punch the pussy the end - knock it out, knock the outFirst thang an initial I prefer all kinda hoesSome walk to school, some dance v no clothesMomma name me Joc reason I execute the cursed thangWhen ns throw the dick, lock come earlier like boomerangsBeat the pussy up choose a old to win machine"Whoomp, there it Is" - bring a friend, +Tag Team+Then ns beat she mouth prefer the woofers in mine vert'I give her Tylenol cause she say her jaws hurtMeet a chick favor Trina, do her dreams come trueBaby when I cum, insurance you cum tooAnd favor Three 6 the cock +Hypnotize Minds+I placed that on mine momma baby if you think I'm lyinLil' mama I'mma (beaaaaaaaaaaaat it up)All night I'mma (beaaaaaaaaaaaat that up)That mouth, I'mma (beaaaaaaaaaaaat it up)That back, I'mma (beaaaaaaaaaaaat it up)That's ideal I've
One add to one, yep that amounts to twoBitches top top deck, one because that me and one for youJust the method I favor 'em, directly A-TownMeet me in the room, guaranteed to go downNow her baby dad mad, girlfriend went and spilled the beansDon't get mad reason she on mine drill teamI revolve virgins into sex fiendsI rotate nightmares into wet dreamsMake her juicebox wet, do her thank she on she cycleHit her from the back when ns grab her by her MichaelsMake her touch she toes 'til her knees revolve weakNeighbors complain cause they say they can't sleepWhen it's time because that round three, strap on another gloveT.K.O. Currently the ho every in love (aww)She love to contact me Tyson once I nibble on she earI hit her with a combo, now she speak to me HolyfieldI understand it sound vulgar however that's the way she prefer itGot the world's biggest (shhh) don't matter simply don't bite itNo I'm no conceited, however see I store it trillPlayboy Shawty, Mr. Black & Decker DrillIf her girl say mine name, please don't take it offenseHandle it choose gents or obtain in some gangsta shitNow i don't give thanks to it's precious it if friend really want the truthCause in ~ this existing time she givin mind in the booth

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Lil' mama I'mma (beaaaaaaaaaaaat that up)All night I'mma (beaaaaaaaaaaaat it up)That mouth, I'mma (beaaaaaaaaaaaat that up)That back, I'mma (beaaaaaaaaaaaat the up)Lil' mama I'mma (beaaaaaaaaaaaat the up)All night I'mma (beaaaaaaaaaaaat the up)That mouth, I'mma (beaaaaaaaaaaaat it up)That back, I'mma (beaaaaaaaaaaaat that up)That's right