" align="left" border="0"/>Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of DestructionAKA: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel monster 8: Reshef of damage (遊戯王デュエルモンスターズ8 ~破滅の大邪神)Manufacturer: KonamiRelease Date: June 29, 2004Media: GameBoy Advance video clip Game

Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of destruction Cheat Codes

Find every our Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef Of devastation for Gameboy breakthrough cheat codes.

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Action Replay Cheat Codes:

There space 6 codes for this game.

(Master Codes)

065f13f2cee4dc957d8c031c6e01e47d limitless LP

a6eceb6d5d38edba 1 hit Kills adversary

cba7a66d97d99ec02d1d73eabf8f4489 Max/Inf all Cards

cd7bb2a7760af34d Max/Inf Domino

c89926c587112a1a Max Deck Capacity



GameShark Cheat Codes should Be On

90001BBA298CEA22BA3F910AD7C97C802BDDHeaps of Domino

F0DCB4B7CD71F0FAB415DE25Have every Cards

0B44CA4FA65F1A6E88DDBD4A9999 Duelist Level

F4DCBC979FD99999 Deck Capacity

BE62DA57BD8BNo Sacrifices

F62AB8AD29CFInfinite LP

8A45994CE6DEStart through Max LP

007367CAC662BF4818533F1BOpponent starts with 4,000 LP

007367CAC662338921783A54Instant victory

5358E00FAFB74FEE089934CD5358E00FAFB7C3CC32334775Remove rival Cards

D218783BFBB74A6B6918960ADA279BBE984AReveal competitor Cards


Other Cheats and also Hints

Unlock room of Eternity

Once you defeat Reshef, restart the game and a new place will show up on the map referred to as “Hall that Eternity”. You have the right to duel Pegasus, Kaiba, Yami Yugi, Dark Joey, and Yami Bakura there. There will be two new people referred to as Shadi, and also Noah. Test their powers!

Level up Easily

The fastest means to level increase is to duel against Tristan (he is one of the men walking outside Grandpa’s map Shop). Because Tristan is so simple to beat, you deserve to win duels faster and also the much more duels you win the higher your level goes. The only downside come this is that it only gives you less than 10 domino everytime girlfriend beat him.

Get every Exodia Pieces

In order to get all 5 pieces that Exodia The Forbidden One, girlfriend must very first save your game, climate head to Grampa’s shop, then difficulty Yugi Motu come a duel. Gambling a £ star card and also then defeat Yugi. The isn’t hard unless he supplies Dark Magician. After you beat him if you space lucky friend should obtain a piece of Exodia. Repeat till you have all 5 pieces, simple! Note: You need to be at level 137 to usage Exodia so it might take a while prior to you deserve to unleash its mighty wrath upon all who stand in her way.

Character Appearances

Rebecca Hawkins: To view Rebecca, in ~ the start of the game go come KaibaKorp, friend will view her there. It is in wary you’ll have to duel her.

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Hanasaki: The Zombire pan from the comic series, you can see him when the Neo Ghouls are taking over Domino, walk to the display next come the display with the fountain on it. That will try to stand as much as a Neo Ghoul, dressed in his Zombire costume, however an additional one mirrors up and causes him to faint. NOTE: anytime you talk to him, even though the is lying confront down motionless, a Neo Ghoul will display up.