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SynopsisJun Kishida is a sickly high school student who have the right to see dead people. One person in details is adhering to him around: his childhood girlfriend Ryouko Hayakawa. Also after the uncovered the fact behind Hayakawa's death, she remained by his side. As he and his classmates get into even much more strange and mortally danger situations, Hayakawa's soul quietly aids him.(Source: MangaHelpers)Included one-shot:Volume 4: Yumi-chan Kitan (The Mysterious tale of Yumi-chan)


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i really enjoyed this manga because that a multitude of reasons1. The art, while clearly inspired by junji ito, is amazing and adds to the scary facets of the story2. The mix of horror, comedy and an extremely slight romantic is nice and also while that is scary the light-heartedness counters it perfectly3. The story, while generally i prefer it as soon as stories have results e.g someone gets possessed one chapter and also is because of this possessed in the next, this manga just does this during arcs and i think that adds come the manga together a whole, while commonly (in my opinion) doing the takes away from the story and ultimately 4. The characters, the key character is likeable, however not the the stereotypical sense. He's a an extremely normal person, who kinda lacks some emotion but still does the appropriate thing. And also don't obtain me began on the main girl, she, while barely if ever before speaking, is among my favourite manga girls ever and is large epic sauce. The side personalities are quite cool together well and also are fine rounded, the dark idol gift my favourite :)