Having end 1000 hrs on CSGO, it sucks to watch friends waiting in the lobby when the leader presses GO and you can’t connect to the server. This occurred to me numerous times and the difficulty persists because that a long time however has a pair of fixes.

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There isn’t a solitary fix for that. It might be an extremely easy to solve in your situation while it may be that many of the fixes don’t work-related in the situation of one more player. There room some means to solve this problem while some room unusual however if friend are facing this problem, then shot one of the following fixes in sequence(if possible) to recognize what is leading to you not to be able to join an online official matchmaking server.


When ns say Restart, it way to restart your game. If it no work, climate restart the steam application. If that doesn’t work then restart your PC. It’s among the basic fixes that work for some but it’s not the ideal solution because that many. But before trying various other time-consuming methods, it’s highly recommended that you try Restarting everything.

Make certain that as soon as you nearby the Steam, every one of its processes are ended. Examine in the job manager if any Steam process is running and also click top top End procedure to make sure that every process is closed before you restart Steam.

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Validate records (and Restart)


This is the many common and the most working solution ever. That doesn’t mean that it will occupational every time and also in every case, it’s just the many working resolve players have ever before observed. Sometimes, her games files get corrupted or gain missing. In the case, you just need to Validate the video game files.

To do it, Right click CSGO from steam Library, walk to Properties, choose the Local files tab, click on Verify integrity of video game Files. It will certainly take a pair of minutes and the game will automatically download every little thing is missing.

Sometimes this technique doesn’t occupational without restarting her PC, however you should shot both ways: Validate and start the game, Validate, Restart your PC and then start the game.

Disable Firewall


The most obvious reason for not being able to connect to the servers is the hindrance that is caused due to the windows Firewall which periodically won’t allow you attach to the servers for protection reasons. Over there is no damage if friend disable it for checking if this works.

Type in the home windows Search Bar: Control Panel, climate head come System and Security. Choose Check Firewall Status under Windows Defender Firewall and select Turn windows Defender Firewall ~ above or off. Turn off both the Private and Public Network Firewall and also then start the game.

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Disable DEP


This one is another means to resolve the error. The DEP is for protection against viruses and also security threats and if girlfriend disable it, her matchmaking error might get fixed.

Right-click ~ above This PC, walk to Properties, select Advanced device Settings, click on Settings under the Performance option. Select the Data Execution Prevention and also select the Turn on DEP for all programs and also services other than those i select.

Re-install heavy steam and Game

This is another way which provides sure that your steam Application and also Game is functioning fine or not. Uninstall the App and also install it again and then try connecting come the servers in the game.

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If this doesn’t job-related then the last thing you have the right to do is uninstall the CS completely and then reinstall it. This is not the best fix but if nothing of the above-mentioned techniques works, then you should give it a try.