You have actually been hired to design a family-friendly see-saw. Your design will function a uniform board (mass M= 11 kg: length L = 3.2 m) that can be moved so that the pivot is a distance d indigenous the facility of the board. This will allow riders to accomplish static equilibrium also if they are of various mass, together most civilization are. Friend have chose that each rider will certainly be positioned so the his/her facility of mass will certainly be a distance xoffset = 19 cm from the finish of the board when seated together shown. You have selected a boy of fixed m1 = 23 kg (shown top top the right), and also an adult of massive m2 = 87 kg (shown top top the left) to test out your prototype. Determine the street d in meters. Determine the size of the force exerted ~ above the pivot suggest by the see-saw when in use in newtons.

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Part (a) determine the street d in meters

Part (b) identify the magnitude of the force exerted on the pivot suggest by the see-saw when in usage in newtons

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