I just took over access website and also I to be trying to figure out why as soon as i shot to upgrade a record in one table, it provides me through this message.

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"Microsoft JET Database Engine error "80040e21"

You cannot add or adjust a record since a related record is forced in table "Members". "How perform I find out what the related document is.

Thanks for any assistance



The concern is no finding the related record, the issue is that there is no related record in Members equivalent to the record you are trying to upgrade in the various other table.

You can start by looking in ~ the relationships that are collection up for your database. Go to the Tools menu and select Relationships. Look at for any type of relationships between the Members table and the table you are trying to update. Look in ~ which field(s) are provided in the relationship(s). This will certainly tell girlfriend which ar is resulting in the trouble in the table you"re trying to update. For every little thing value you room trying to go into into this field, the exact same value must very first exist in the related field in Members.


Thank girlfriend for her help. Ns was may be to gain it functioning by using several of the advice over and v trial and also error.

The trouble was there to be two associated fields, and that is why once I tried to execute what I intended would be forced it go not job-related properly.


In mine case, I had actually a combobox which was changing the surname of a document from an additional table that required an i would of yet one more table.

So I had actually Table C, which had actually a foreign key to Table B, and Table B had actually a foreign vital to Table A. My combobox was collection to manage the name ar of Table B, therefore I readjusted it to control the foreign key in Table C (that points come Table B) instead.

To solve my problem, i selected the combobox, saw the

Property paper (F4) ->Data->Control Sourceand collection it come the foreign vital field in Table C (that points come a record in Table B)


I have actually encountered an additional cause that this problem.

Call the two tables A and also B. They have actually a partnership defined between them v referential integrity. As soon as I tried to include a record in B that had actually a equivalent record in A, i was obtaining the error "You cannot add or adjust a record because a related record is compelled in table "A"". It made no sense because the required, related document was over there in A.

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Then ns realized that a ar in B had its display screen Control* collection to a list crate whose resource was A and the bound tower was the wrong shaft number, i m sorry was component of the primary key. So once I tried to add a brand-new record in B, the looked in the wrong place for the worth of primary vital I was adding, and of course it didn"t uncover the important value there. As soon as I collection the bound column to the correct shaft number, i was maybe to add the new record.