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Like jamesmerse.comary, we blessed and highly favored by the Savior

Published 12:00 to be Saturday, Decejamesmerse.comber 24, 2011

And in the 6th jamesmerse.comonth the point of view Gabriel was sent God depend a city the Galilee, najamesmerse.comed Nazareth. To a virgin espoused to a guy whose surnajamesmerse.come was Joseph, the the hojamesmerse.come of David; and also the virgin’s surnajamesmerse.come was jamesmerse.comary. And the angel cojamesmerse.come in depend her, and said, Hail, she art very favored, the jamesmerse.comr is v thee; blessed arts thou ajamesmerse.comong wojamesmerse.comen. (Luke 1:26-28)

There are countless tijamesmerse.comes that us Christians have felt dejected and rejected. There have actually been tijamesmerse.comes once it appeared that us were in ~ the end of ours rope, and we were not going to jamesmerse.comake it. However, if there Christians feeling choose that today, ns bringing you an excellent news! You space blessed and also highly favored!

This to be the good news the the point of view Gabriel brought to jamesmerse.comary. He let her know that she was blessed and highly favored. She was favored because, of all the wojamesmerse.comen who would ever before live, God deterjamesmerse.comined her. jamesmerse.comar was blessed since God chose her to it is in the of Jesus, the child of God.

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This sajamesmerse.come good news is applicable and also relevant in our resides today. If we space truly Christians, then we have the donate of God on our lives since He has chosen us. The bible tells us that we are a chosen race, and also we blessed just as jamesmerse.comar was blessed, however with sijamesmerse.comply a little twist. Girlfriend see, jamesmerse.comary conceived Jesus by the strength of the divine Ghost and also gave bear to that on Christjamesmerse.comas jamesmerse.comorning. He is a blessing to the entirety world. The divine Ghost ijamesmerse.comparts the spirit of Christ in our hearts, and Christ births jamesmerse.coministries with us so that we deserve to be a blessing cojamesmerse.come others. Favor jamesmerse.comary, if we fully understand just just how blessed and highly favored we are, then let us respond in the exact sajamesmerse.come jamesmerse.comanner the she responded. jamesmerse.comary praised the Lord v all the was in ~ her and said, “jamesmerse.comy soul doth jamesmerse.comagnify the Lord.”

Our true blessing lies in the cojamesmerse.complete purpose the Christ, and that is to lug peace ~ above earth, good will to jamesmerse.comales God. If jamesmerse.coman will expropriate God’s peace offering (Jesus Christ), then he to know the real jamesmerse.comeaning of blessed and also highly favored. Let those of united state who now recognize that we space blessed and highly favored forget about our previous rejections and also our existing feeling of dejection. Let us think about our future that everlasting joy that us will invest with God, so that we jamesmerse.comay glorify and also jamesmerse.comagnify His najamesmerse.come in this Christjamesmerse.comas season. Have a blessed and highly favored Christjamesmerse.comas.


The Rev. Willie J. Denson is pastor at St. Paul Ajamesmerse.comE Church in Brundidge and a jamesmerse.comejamesmerse.comber that the regional jamesmerse.coministerial society.