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following the offered out release of their highly anticipated debut album ‘Problems & Pain’, Fulton Street has quickly established themselves as one of Australia’s most eminent spirit acts. ‘Told how to Walk’ is the an initial release from songwriters Shannen Wick and James Stroud's record label, STOIC RECORDS! 'Told how To Walk' - written after angry blatant and also casual racism aimed at a young aboriginal man attending a music festival, ‘Told just how to Walk’ recognises the plight of the traditional owners of this land and also the discrimination castle still confront in modern Australia. The raw vocal sound and also passionate horn hooks team up in sharp rebuke the Australia’s dark colonial history. The song likewise acts as a plea for greater respect, leading towards unity in between indigenous and also non-indigenous Australians moving forward.'Real Woman' - with a heartfelt and also dignified new sound, ‘Real Woman’ is a triumphant ode come the strength of ladies everywhere. Lovingly self-produced by the band, Fulton Street return to a vintage sound through this classic soul ballad which simmers to an exultant orgasm at the finish – “you don’t know, but you missed out”. ‘Real Woman’ explores the heartache of shed love prior to coming come the empowering conclusion the true worth can only be characterized by one's self. includes unlimited streaming that Told how To Walk/Real Woman via the totally free jamesmerse.com app, add to high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. ...more
includes unlimited streaming via the free jamesmerse.com app, add to high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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I’m stand hereAnd I’m emotion numbWhen she says she’s your girlMy love sinks hardAnd ns pretend come smileAt the reality that you’re moving onCause you never ever made me feelLike a real womanAnd I never was great enough because that youI’m standing hereWith my head organized highNo, i won’t it is in the jealous kindBut my heart still hurtsShe and I room one and also the sameAnd i ask myself, why god, why? Hey, you don't know however you missed out on a actual womanAnd I know I no easy and I recognize I’m not perfect, no I'm notAnd I understand that you never loved meBut i was too blind, ns didn’t see itI was as well blind, too blindHey, you don’t know yet you missed out (repeated)I’m stand hereWith my head hosted highNo, ns won’t it is in the jealousy kind

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from Told exactly how To Walk​/​Real Woman, track released in march 1, 2019 Tracks: 1. Told exactly how to to walk (J. Stroud & S. Wick) 2. Real Woman (J. Stroud & S. Wick) perform by: Fulton Street Tenor Saxophone: Robert Simone Baritone Saxophone: Samuel Boon Credits: every horns arranged by: A. Foon & C. McIndoe taped & Engineered by: Carl Lindeberg, Itchy Groovy Music in Melbourne, Australia combined by: Jamie Stroud & Damien Charles master by: Lachlan Carrick, Moose Mastering in Melbourne, Australia Sleeve architecture & Layout by: Jim Grimwade sheathe Illustration by: Peter Dunkley