The wealthiest Celebrity, YG CEO Yang Hyun-suk.

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Who doesn’t recognize Yang Hyun-suk? He was the one in charge of The large 3 Entertainment however now we deserve to say that he is the CEO the YG Entertainment. He is best known for his an excellent work through the 1990s South korean vocal group Seo Taiji & Boys. That is a hip-hop and also pop singer who pursued a 2nd career as a music producer as well. Follow to CelebsMoneyFact, Yang is the most renowned Pop Singer.

Who perform you think has the most extravagant surname of all? it is indeed coming to be clear by now and also the appropriate an answer is pretty strong as well. YG’s appeal CEO, Yang Hyun-suk, seems to be the many extravagant superstar. Now, what does this mean in regards to his true worth?

In an ongoing rundown the the best 400 moguls, spread by chaebul.com, the korean site following millionaires, the website tracks the country’s family-run conglomerates and also provides information about individuals and/or groups that have actually amassed great wealth end time. Samsung CEO Lee Kun-hee do the rundown finishing up in the first place, with a total of roughly 13 Trillion oriental Won (KRW) or around 11 exchange rate U.S. Dollar (USD).

YG CEO Yang Hyun-suk additionally found his name on this list, and also he had actually the satisfied of gift the many extravagant individual in the bulk of media outlets through individual legacy totaling KRW 219 billion or by and also by usually USD 193 million. A ton the this have the right to be attributed to the increasing stock price of YG entertainment brought around by PSY’s remarkable success on the global entertainment scene.

Further down the rundown come SM CEO Lee Soo-man through a total net precious of approximately KRW 193 Billion/USD 170 Million, a senior actor and also privileged CEO the Jeju complimentary International City Broadcasting mechanism Shin Yong-kyun through a network worth that KRW 148 Billion/USD 130 Million, and further under the list, Seoul Cinema CEO Kwak Jung-hwan with KRW 79 Billion/USD 69 Million. These figures were established by a tallied measure up of offers hosted by every person, profits, floor resources, and other considerable resources, and barring details unverified resources choose gems or well arts.

In any case, you understand these are simply such massive numbers that it is somewhat an overwhelming to grasp specifically how much this truly is. This is the ar my safeguarded “Corn Cob-o-meter” tallying frame becomes one integral factor. Utilizing a dash that math, some Google wizardry, and also a touch of photo altering, we deserve to decide exactly what number of corn cobs Yang Hyun-suk could purchase if the somehow managed to trade his entire net worth for his very own benefits right into corn cobs.


Although Yang Hyun-suk’s built up net precious is currently under review, the latest update on his happiness is at approximately $159 million. How deserve to he gain that lot wealth? Well, together a founder of YG Entertainment, the firm that kick-started the career of a strong lineup of artists varying from BIGBANG, 2NE1, PSY, iKON, WINNER, Epik High amongst others, who continue to obtain increased popularity in the mainstream media. Also, the many recent famed girl band in YG is Blackpink, who stormed the marketplace. YG‘s substantial empire branched out to various subsidiaries throughout the years.

As indigenous reports, YG Entertainment’s recurring lift certainly originates from their ongoing undertaking into the fashion business. Earlier in September, YG introduced its ‘NONA9ON’ photo in participation through Cheil Industries, the fashion companion of Samsung Group. Amid that month, YG got an 18 billion korean Won (approx. $16.4 million USD) venture from LVMH Group, a French an international extravagance products combination that houses brands like Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior.

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Due come this news, speculators purchased up to loads of offers and also YG’s share esteem expanded. Back in October, YG’s market top outperformed that of SM’s because that the an initial time. Native that suggest onward, SM’s stock expense has recuperated and SM has actually reclaimed the lead in the market top.