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I need some for Gorg"s quest. I did the Merc Mission and got the contract because that it, however the cafe in ~ Indol tho isn"t selling it. I have actually both Indol and the Leftherian Archipelago at Dev Level 5 and also 4 respectively.
"I love walking on message boards and complaining about games I"ve never played!"- Francis, Super file Mario

Gorg? Most civilization want the tea for a node top top Sheba"s affinity chart.Bloody annoying, too. I had actually her at 43/44 for half the game.

Gotta_Be_Blue posted...Gorg? Most world want the tea for a node top top Sheba"s affinity chart.Bloody annoying, too. I had actually her at 43/44 for half the game.It"s forced to finish his blade Quest, and subsequently all connected nodes for his Patissiere skill.
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"I love going on message boards and also complaining about games I"ve never ever played!"- Francis, Super paper Mario
TheStupidRaptor posted...Most people? Nah. Gorg"s search that calls for triceratops milk (?) has actually actual reaction and also growth together reward for obtaining it. Obtaining it only for Sheba the harlot to fulfill her misandristic, delusional dream isn"t precious it for all the initiative required to attain such a rare pouch item.Yep, many people. Sheba is the more popular mermaid, no one cares around Gorg.Besides, Armu Milk Earl Grey is a rare and treasured item. Don"t you think that such a point would befit a monarch? who would waste it on a brutish, axe-swinging oaf?
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