Suggested level: 19

Group: Witcher Contracts

Location: Skellige

You have the right to start this search by analysis the "Nils" Disappearance" contract posted on the Svorlag an alert Board or by visiting the Sirens" Cave.

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In Clan Brokvar"s village on Spikeroog Geralt take it on a search-and-rescue contract. Kevan, the guy offering the bounty, asserted the absent man had occurred cold feet and also fled indigenous his betrothed, yet the woman herself - Britt - insisted she lover had actually been snatched away by a monster.

...or, if you began the pursuit by going straight to the cave:

During his time on the isle that Spikeroog, Geralt came across a cavern in i beg your pardon he uncovered some unusual tracks. Suspecting a monster, he decided to look right into the matter.

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Quest stages that Contract: here Comes the Groom

1. Ask Kevan around the contract.

Talk come Kevan. You deserve to haggle through him around the money - 249+ crowns.

2. Speak to Britt.

Go and talk to Britt. She will tell you how her beloved was taken by a monster.

3. Check out the caves Britt mentioned using your Witcher Senses. / explore the caves top top Spikeroog utilizing your Witcher Senses.

Head to Sirens" Cave. Death the drowners (15) you come throughout there and also examine the big statue in among the caves...

...and the siren scale lying nearby. Geralt will involved the conclusion that he has actually to deal with Melusine that woke increase from sleep.

Geralt searched the cave and discovered the he was handling an ekhidna. He defeated the beast and went come the village to collection his reward.

4. Find Melusine in the caves.

Get to the other finish of the cave. On her way, kill some much more drowners (15) and then gain out.

You"ll uncover a man"s corpse outside. It"s Niels. Once you research the corpse, Melusine will certainly appear.

5. Death the monster. / take it a trophy native the monster.

Kill the monster and also take Ekhidna trophy (5% Bonus gold).

6. Collection your reward native Kevan.

Go earlier to Kevan and tell him around Nils" fate. He"ll pay you for killing the monster and ask you to tell his sister the bad news. You have the right to agree or tell that he should do it himself.

If you tell that to speak to his sister himself, the quest will end.

Kevan accepted Geralt"s conclusions with a sad heart, yet did no let his disappointment keep him from paying the promised bounty.

7. (Optional) call Britt what occurred to her betrothed.

If you decision to provide Britt the bad news, go to the hill whereby he is and do it. She will thank you and she will want to pay you because that avenging she beloved. You can accept her offer (20XP and also 25 crowns) or refuse (25XP).

The hardest part, however, to be informing Britt, the dead man"s betrothed. Though she voice shook, she maintained herself together and also gave Geralt a gift by way of thanks for his trouble.

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