I'm a very experienced DM (30yrs) starting a new group in 5e. One of my inexperienced players experienced the an essential Role v Vin Diesel and also really desires to play the Witch Hunter class. I've check out over the class and also everything looks pretty fine balanced, yet I'm wonder what world have as far as direct experience with the class goes. I've never permitted a homebrew class before, therefore it's a careful subject because that me.

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Just together a next note, my people is one whereby there space opposing pressures of Light and also Shadow and his specialty wont be searching undead/fiends (underpowered in my people for sure) however instead the embodiments of the Light and Shadow the populate the world.

Thank you in advancement for any kind of stories, anecdotes, or even evaluation of the course you have.


As a DM and also player, perform NOT use the "Witch Hunter" version. It is absurdly broken (I to be averaging about 100+ damage every round)

Use the Blood Hunter class. It's the updated variation of it, whereby it's much much more balanced. I love it, both as a player and DM.

Repeating what /u/ChrisAmes141 said, usage Blood Hunter.

Playing Curse that Strahd v one. She's really powerful, together she's basically an anti-undead build, yet no so an effective to invalid our various other players. The flavor of the class is really cool, therefore make sure to play increase the 'blood magic' aspect of the class.

Especially if you're no in one undead-heavy campaign, it have to be simply fine to use :)

Yeah, I'm excited through the flavor, especially because the current project takes the "good guy" computers into situations where they have to fight together the angry side. So much we have a warlock, rogue, and also blood hunter. I'm thinking of NPCing a death Domain cleric due to the fact that the flavor is currently there, and no one rolling a healer.


Human fighter. Possibly a ranger. Paladin's great too. Y'all don't require a special class to hunt witches, you simply need grit, guile, and also a many fire.

You absolutely are not wrong. I normally don't enable home brew since I let players flavor and also skin things exactly how they want with a many leeway. Witch Hunter sounds favor a Ranger with some Cleric or Pally levels to me.*

*Although the Blood Hunter course actually rocks pretty hard, now that I'm looking at it.

I right now play the Blood Hunter class and it's so much fun, both in and out that combat. You deserve to really lean right into the bad-assery, or play the misunderstood champion of the people. The mechanics are great too, pack sufficient power to be reliable, yet not OP, in combat but durable enough to not be a glass cannon.

They have actually some flavor that is hard to obtain for part crazy ago stories. Through the changes to the Crimson Rites together well, it offers you a nice extra source (HP) that most characters only need to think about when they acquire low, no at the start of the adventuring day.

As has actually been stated the Blood Hunter course is the playable version, and updated freshly as well. Ns am playing an bespeak of the Lycan Blood Hunter currently, it allowed a an excellent back story for my character and also I'm love it. Every time I get to get in Hybrid type it's a fight changer (basically a barbarian with raging except you need to wait till level 3 therefore it makes for a substantial game pat change).

For the an easy Blood Hunter features, I'm still just level 3 so a couple of times ns noticed some zombies before the others yet that's it.

This sounds really cool, where do you uncover the updates? The sheet I'm looking at doesn't have the stimulate of the Lycan.

having recently just looked into it myself for comparable reasons (although i don't have 30 years of DMing under my belt), the blood hunter version easily accessible on dmsguild is fine. Carry out not permit the original witch hunter version, it's broken, and mercer reworked that to not be broken with the blood hunter that's available. I haven't looked in ~ the different order that the lycan stuff but everything in the original blood hunter record is well as far as I deserve to tell.

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his gunslinger archetype because that fighter is fine balanced too if you ever before run right into that, although i personally don't allow it for setting reasons (no dynamite in my world). Typically speaking, mercer's a good enough DM that you have the right to reasonably trust anything that puts out, and if someone finds something wrong with it and brings it as much as him he'll update things. Kinda excited to view if that puts these class alternatives and noþeles else us haven't seen yet in his crucial role setting book coming out following year.