Season 7 episode 4 - salary to pat

Time is money together the captains fish for "blue gold," and when the expenses of trying to bring home a bluefin pile up, some captains reevaluate if the benefits of tuna fishing outweigh the drawbacks. Air date : 19th-Jul-2020

Season 7 episode 1 - Clash the the Titans

It"s opened day in the outer Banks, and the ideal captains from both North and also South prepare to battle the elements, bluefin and one another. Air date : 28th-Jun-2020Read More

Season 7 episode 2 - pole em

Will the environment-friendly stick continue to give the little Shell one edge, or will the more traditional rod-and-reel rivals prove victorious in the lengthy run? Air day : 5th-Jul-2020Read More

Season 7 illustration 3 - family members Pride

With longtime rivals dominating the competition, the brother-sister duo ~ above the Pinwheel struggle to get rid of a slow start to their fishing season. Air date : 12th-Jul-2020Read More

Season 7 episode 4 - salary to pat

Time is money as the captains fish because that "blue gold," and also when the expenses of trying to lug home a bluefin heap up, part captains reevaluate if the services of tuna fishing outweigh the drawbacks. Air day : 19th-Jul-2020Read More

Season 7 episode 5 - Fishing up a Storm

Air day : 26th-Jul-2020Read More

Season 7 episode 6 - A Fish because that Frenzy

As the top boats solidify your spots in the race, Greg and his mates can"t it seems to be ~ to continue to be in sync, and also the previous champion boat starts to loss apart. Air date : 2nd-Aug-2020Read More

Season 7 episode 7 - never Seen Anything like It

The fight for bluefin worsens as champion watercrafts find the bluefin biting; however, one crew member"s ns could alter the rest of the season. Air date : 9th-Aug-2020Read More

Season 7 illustration 8 - Tricky Dave

Captain Dave Carraro that the lives up come his "Tricky Dave" reputation once the fleet begins to doubt him after a few sneaky moves. Air day : 16th-Aug-2020Read More

Season 7 illustration 9 - hard Times at Sea

A girlfriend emergency pipeline the warm Tuna struggling to catch a fish. Meanwhile, the Reel E’ Bugging’s crew pushes the borders to get ago in the competition. Air day : 23rd-Aug-2020Read More

Season 7 episode 10 - do Your very own Luck

As the quota fills up, the captains have to decide if skill or luck is in your favor in order to pull ahead in the competition. Air day : 30th-Aug-2020Read More

Season 7 illustration 11 - Graveyard shift

When winds develop treacherous conditions on the Oregon Inlet’s well known sandbar, captains are challenged with the dilemma to triumph or revolve around. Air date : 6th-Sep-2020Read More

Season 7 episode 12 - follow The Herd

The fleet communicates in stimulate to find the fish, yet some boats have to monitor every lead they listen about, if they desire to revolve their season around. Air day : 13th-Sep-2020Read More

Season 7 illustration 13 - with each other We stand

The tuna titan battle continues when mates try to store pace. From family members ties to lifelong friends, i m sorry team has the journey to placed meat on the deck? Air date : 20th-Sep-2020Read More

Season 7 episode 14 - Reel tension

The long, cold winter has just hit new England, and while the bluefin tuna season has come to an end in Gloucester, Mass., it’s just obtaining started in the Outer banks of north Carolina. After ~ a disappointed season, several of Gloucester’s top fishermen head southern to shot to salvage their finances by fishing for the elusive bluefin tuna in unfamiliar Carolina waters before the experienced locals beat them to the catch. Air day : 27th-Sep-2020Read More

Season 7 illustration 15 - an outbreak Or failure

Air day : 4th-Oct-2020Read More

Season 7 episode 16 - No Time to shed

Air date : 11th-Oct-2020Read More

Season 7 illustration 17 - Titan Showdown

With just two work left, it"s a battle of the titans as the captains press to prove they have what the takes to come to be the following Outer financial institutions champion. Air date : 18th-Oct-2020Read More



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