I am working on a lab assignment and we will be preparing isoamyl acetate this week. My question is, Why is the reaction mixture extracted through sodium bicarbonate and also sodium chloride solution?

I understand that it will certainly be an acid/base reaction and also I'm suspect the salt bicarbonate will react through the mountain to type carbonic acid, i beg your pardon I know decomposes into water and carbon dioxide. I'm not certain though of the function of sodium chloride and what wake up to the acetic acid once it reacts v the sodium bicarbonate. I understand it will lose the hydrogen however what happens to the remainder of the molecule?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: title have to say sodium chloride instead of HCl

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The sodium bicarbonate exploit is offered to remove the catalytic HCl and any excess acetic acid. ~ neutralization the the acid through bicarbonate, the continuing to be anions (Cl- and AcO-) will get in the aqueous phase.

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The NaCl wash is concucted come extract as much water as possible (from the ahead extractions) out of the organic phase.

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Thank you! I have actually ome more question if you don't mind. Sulfuric acid is the acid supplied to prepare the ester. What is the suggest of including HCl in addition to the salt bicarbonate?

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I'm not sure though the the role of HCl and what happens to the acetic acid

You're preparing isoamyl acetate i beg your pardon is an ester of isoamyl alcohol and also acetic acid. If i remember correctly, the OH team on isoamyl alcohol creates a water molecule through the acidic hydrogen in acetic acid, and the rest creates the ester. Ns imagine the HCl is just a catalyst. I think sulfuric is more common, yet I'm sure HCl would work-related too.

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