You could feel an urge to reread texts because in some way you have the right to still feel connected to that person, even though lock aren’t a part of her life anymore. Instead of looking front to the future, you’re stuck in the past, and in the long run, that’s only going come screw you over. Here’s why you have to delete the old messages from her phone and never look back:

It won’t give you the answers that you need.

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 You’ll it is in torturing yourself with questions choose “why didn’t I view this coming?” and “did I miss out on all the signs?” however it won’t adjust the outcome. Maybe over there aren’t any type of clues, and also even if there to be some clues that he was going to leave, just how is the going to help you relocate on? It’s not.

You deserve to look earlier on the past but you can’t live there.

it sounds like a cliche, however if you store revisiting the past, you’ll never be able to move front in life. Sure, you can appreciate the memories and also learn indigenous the experience, yet you can’t change what’s happened. Perform yourself a favor and look ahead to the future — you have control over that!

It won’t do you happy.

reading messages from someone that you offered to think the people of might make you feel happy in the moment, yet it’s temporary, and when the wears off, you’ll it is in reminded the the human being isn’t right here anymore. You’ve lived with the ache once, so don’t reopen old wounds by putting yourself with it over and over again.

You’re closing you yourself off.

Whenever you start having feelings because that someone new, girlfriend detach yourself from them an extremely quickly. The much more you favor someone, the an ext you press them away. It’s self-sabotage, and it’s a way of protecting you yourself from further pain. However if you don’t take a chance, you’re avoiding yourself from ever finding the right person.

It creates unrealistic expectations because that a future partner.

 That photo you’ve produced of them is false — people don’t stay the same. The much more you idealize them, the harder that is to uncover someone who can complete with the perfect image you have actually in your head. Maintaining those messages on her phone will certainly make it so lot harder to accomplish someone new.

You might feel tempted come send a article out the the blue. The temptation to send a message just to inspect if castle still care can be overwhelming in ~ times. You desire some sort of confirmation the they still feeling something because that you, regardless of all the indicators saying otherwise. However it’s no going to help. You’ve already been v this before, so the last point you need is false hope. Delete the texts, delete your number, and also try not come think about them anymore.

It’s not healthy.

The factor why you can’t lug yourself to delete the old message messages is since it feels prefer deleting history. There is no those messages, there’s no proof that any type of of it ever before happened. You’re scared of letting go of other that meant so lot to you. And also now you’re stuck in between staying in the past and living in the future. It have the right to be holy spirit exhausting being in two locations at once, and also the only way to truly move forward is come close one door and also open another.

Nothing good will come the end of it.

You’re not helping you yourself by analysis his sweet messages. It will certainly leave girlfriend longing for something that’s unattainable, and also you’ll blame yourself for the method it ended. Except none of this is your fault. And an ext importantly, nobody of it can be changed, so avoid beating yourself up end it. The previous is the previous for a reason.

It will influence your next relationship.

Let’s it is in honest, you shouldn’t also be thinking around entering a brand-new relationship if you’re still not over the last one. It’s no fair to you and also it’s not fair to them. You need to be in the right frame of mind to begin over through somebody brand-new — and that starts with deleting those texts.

They’re probably not thinking around you.

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It sounds harsh, yet if they want to be in her life, they would certainly never have actually left. Possibilities are, lock don’t feel the same way you do. Lock aren’t reading your old conversations and reminiscing about the good times. They haven’t given you a second thought, therefore why room they still at the forefront of her mind? By holding on to the hope the they’ll come back to you, you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. You deserve much better than that. Finding the ship to lastly delete those old text conversations is the best thing you can do because that yourself.

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