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Jennifer Lopez Photo

Jennifer Lopez Biography

This is what you must know about Jennifer Lopez, an American news meteorologist at this time working because that WSB-TV in Atlanta, Georgia, and also The Weather Channel. She joined the weather channel in 2000. 

Jennifer Lopez Age

Lopez to be born in  St. Augustine, Florida, joined States. Details about her day of birth space not available, thus this information will be updated as quickly as the available.

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Jennifer Lopez Height

Jennifer Lopez Family

Lopez is a married woman and also parents to 2 kids. Small is known around her parents, likewise there are no details around her siblings, therefore this information will be updated as soon as the available.

Jennifer Lopez Husband

Lopez is happy married to she unknown husband, she husband is a Southwest airline pilot. The couple is blessed through two daughters.

Jennifer Lopez Salary

Lopez receives an yearly average value of $ 149500. This is follow to WSB-TV news News anchors/reporter’s salaries.

Jennifer Lopez network Worth

Lopez has an approximated Net precious of in between $100k – $ 1 million dollars. She career as a meteorologist is she primary source of income.

Jennifer Lopez Education

She graduated through a Bachelor of Science in telecommunications from Marquette University. She additionally got her second degree that Bachelor that Science in Meteorology from Florida State University.

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Jennifer Lopez WSB-TV News

She began her carer in September 1997, She landing her very first job together a weekend meteorologist because that WTLV-TV in Jacksonville, Florida. She was additionally a weather producer and weekend meteorologist in ~ WPTV-TV in West Palm Beach, Florida. Lopez joined The Weather Channel as an on-camera meteorologist. She ended up being the co-host of the pm Edition, i m sorry was called Evening Edition in ~ the time.

She spoke at the 15th annual Working Women’s survival Show, discussing her career as a meteorologist. She left the network in 2008. Lopez went back to The Weather Channel act weather updates throughout taped programming and was one on-camera meteorologist on Weather center Live top top April 20, 2013. Lopez is a member the the American Meteorological society (AMS), wherein she holds the seal the approval on television.