What space the NCR test answers?

If the Courier answers “yes”, the Courier is quizzed v three questions to prove the they are an NCR citizen.

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Question 1 – who is the most renowned NCR president of every time? president Tandi. Question 2 – What to be the original capital of the NCR? Shady Sands. Inquiry 3 – What pet is top top the NCR Flag?

How carry out you negotiate with NCR freeside?

You need to talk to Julie Farkas and have her tell girlfriend about major Kieran, then use that call to acquire the story that the NCR’s messenger from major Kieran, climate tell the King the story. Then, the NCR troops will certainly be peaceful and you’ll be able to negotiate.

What favor should I ask the king?

The King’s donate The choices for the favor are: complimentary entrance come the Strip. With The King’s word, Ralph the Mick & Ralph’s will create a fake passport for free. Permission to sign up with the Kings, offering a kings outfit and complimentary haircuts indigenous Sergio, the Kings’ hairstylist.

What to be the original name that the NCR?

Once again, the correct answers: Q1 – Tandi is the most well-known NCR president in history. Q2 – Shady Sands was the original name the the NCR Capitol.

What is the best mind for Rex?

If you want to have an offensive kind Rex then you can gain Rey’s Brain. If you desire a Speed type Rex go obtain Violetta’s Brain. If you want a hard Rex then go obtain Lupa’s Brain.

Where space the pendant of the Apocalypse brand-new Vegas?

Maps. The Old Mormon Fort, likewise known together the Old las Vegas Mormon State historical Park, is the local headquarters that the pendant of the Apocalypse for the Mojave Wasteland, located simply inside Freeside’s north gate in 2281. It is noteworthy as gift the oldest structure in the new Vegas area.

Who must I carry Ed E to?

Followers that the apocalypse. Bring him to them and also they update his guns. Lug him to the brotherhood and also they offer him an ext armour. Because ED-E currently has the highest wellness of all the companions, it’s redundancy to get that upgraded, followers is the best choice.

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How perform I acquire into the NCR Ranger safehouse?

The safehouse is concealed in a absent face and requires a crucial to enter. The vital can be received from Colonel James Hsu in ~ Camp McCarran after acquiring a reputation of chosen or greater with the new California Republic.


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