One means to recognize that an advertisement campaign is loved by the public is if the goes viral. And the ads which tend to walk viral the quickest room the ones that tickle the funny bone.

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It seems choose LG has determined to go v this formula in an advertisement for their Kompressor plus vacuum, created by George Patterson Y&R Sydney.

The tongue-in-cheek ad from Australia, suggested for a nomination in the Chip Shop Awards, shows exactly how the suction modern technology of the vacuum cleaner is so great that it is offered in the fashion industry during shoots, instead of having to worry about that pesky photoshopping afterwards.

A bikini clad girl is checked out posing for the camera, when a negative assistant supplies the vacuum to save her looking thin. When the device is turned turn off at the finish of the shoot, the suction strength of the LG Kompressor plus is revealed.

Is it likely to do some people wince? Yes, undoubtedly, but it has got world talking around it and that is definitely what the company was hope for.

According to AdNews, LG’s refers has had actually 1.2 million see on YouTube in the last two weeks, with almost 60,000 facebook shares and also over 800 tweets.

The just problem? The ad, i beg your pardon compares the LG Kompressor Plus to a Dyson, is acquiring referred to as ‘the Dyson ad’ in a many tweets and versions the the advertisement on YouTube.

Despite this, the advert to be undeniably taking off as among the most popular advertisement clips so much this year, although the unveiling the Volkswagen’s ‘The Bark Side’ project might adjust that…

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