I’m new to Chicago and also met a Puerto Rican male 4 months ago. We observed each other and he never took me seriously. When I had feelings for him he cure me badly and also I had to let the go. I would shot to rest it off v him and also he maintained coming ago and an extensive the break-up process. Finally, I had actually to it is in pretty harsh with him, and tell it favor it is, to acquire him to leaving me alone. Last night I check out a university study on “White Puerto Rico Wannabes” and I guess: v there space a lot of white girls who want to acquire with Puerto Rican men due to the fact that they space cool. So these girls/women dress hip-hop, speak Spanglish, and also totally adopt the Puerto Rican culture.

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This research rang a most bells through me. The man I was v actually request me to discover Spanish, dye mine hair darker (I’m blonde), and also act choose a lady. I told him that was totally offensive favor me questioning him to dye his hair blonde and speak English all the time! I carry out dress and also act prefer a lady; i love going to a Puerto Rican after-hours club and I often tend to dress a lot an ext conservative than native Puerto Rican gals. He to be expecting me to dress in stilettos and also club attire every the time! ns was wondering if this is normal? carry out all Puerto Rican guys live between the two huge 40 because that Puerto Rican metal flags in Chicago. I love Puerto Rican culture, yet do every Puerto Rican guys expect their white females to toss your own society aside favor that? It’s no that my culture is every that, but I perform think I’m pretty damn cool on my own I likewise think it would be totally disrespectful for me come act or ~ pretend to it is in from one more culture. So, allow me recognize what’s up…do every Puerto Rican guys expect white females to become and also act Puerto Rican?

I suppose women to act favor women. If you room dating some low class, that is what you’ll get, regardless of your ethnic background. I’m married to a white woman however she happens to it is in Puerto Rican too, which could come together a surprised to you the there room white world in P.R. Too bad your experience has actually been limited to this sort of individual, be an ext choosy in her relationships, if girlfriend can.

I’m not surprised and also know there space white Puerto Ricans. I love the whole rainbow, however after analysis this study I to be a tiny blown away. I had actually seen that he wanted me to adjust a lot.

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Ns have also seen low-class white girls wannabe varieties that were talked about in the article. I will definitely be much more choosy in my relationship.