She titled her post “For Students searching for Schools choose Brown”, but listed a list of schools “For Students in search of Schools that sell a versatile Curriculum and also Collaborative setting like Brown”.

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She leaves the reader v the false feeling that the defining characteristic that both institutions are your (less different then most) curriculum approaches. While CMU provides some amazing programs and also some adaptability that is the degree of the basis for her pointer that CMU is a school choose Brown.

So i ask you based upon her piece why would certainly a student trying to find a school favor Brown be a fit at CMU?


Seem come me come be an extremely different species of students, with really different academic interests and backgrounds but yes lock both nothing have exceptionally rigid curriculum (although their technique is different).

Both good schools v passionate students yet not certain “I like Brown” equates to “I will be happy in ~ CMU”. Amherst, Wesleyan, Vassar, etc seem to have a lot much more in common past curriculum.


I guess fine just have to agree come disagree ~ above this one. She didn’t at all leave me through “a false feeling that the specifying characteristic room their . . . Curriculum approaches.” I deserve to only imagine someone obtaining that impression if s/he looked simply at the location of the post and also didn’t actually check out what the says.

I realize the to know her point, it requires that the leader thinks a small outside the box. That’s it s okay by me. The excerpt around CMU was not composed as a stand-alone article. There to be a context. That was provided as one providing on a perform of schools, each with a thumbnail description and each similar to Brown in different ways. That not like it was the only school suggested, nor was it offered within the paper definition of “If you’re desperate to get into Brown however need a setup B, operation to CMU.” I see it an ext as if a college student wants/needs alternatives to Brown, ““Here’s a list of institutions for you to consider. CMU is simply one that 8 on the list.

I have no difficulty with her consisting of CMU together 1 the 8 schools on a perform of suggestions. For the right kid, the just could hit the mark. It offers a promising alternative that a lot of of kids might not have actually thought of. That’s all it is. And also that’s a good thing.

1 prefer

I guess fine just need to agree to disagree on this one.

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Thanks Bill and also I respect your views and also agree about there gift some wider context when the short article is read in that entirety.

Rather climate agreeing come disagree i would much rather be persuaded and learn. What various other defining features (besides curriculum) go the author highlight that CMU and Brown have actually in common and also why would an aspiring Brown student per the write-up find CMU come “fit”?