Pretty lot everyone has either watched or heard about the new South korean Netflix collection "Squid Game." The display follows 456 human being who all have extensive debt together they space put right into a deadly competition that assures one winner too much wealth, yet only if they make it through a collection of children"s gamings with a violent twist. "Squid Game" has both critics and also audiences raving, with a 94% Certified new rating ~ above Rotten Tomatoes and also plenty of deep dives and also theories walk around around the definition behind the show"s substantial story. 

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But of course, through every successful task comes intense evaluation and negative criticism, and also "Squid Game" is no different. One thing many civilization pointed the end was the similarity in between the show and a Japanese film called "As The god Will," which to be released in 2014. Both the show and also film feature childhood games turned deadly, through the personalities fighting one another for survival, return NME reports that director Hwang Dong-hyuk handle the claims and stated the there aren"t really any similarities beyond that, and also the collection was also in development method before "As The god Will" was. 

Even so, this connection in between "Squid Game" and also "As The gods Will" has brought brand-new attention to the underrated Japanese film, with many more people wanting to check out the movie. If you occur to be one of those people, here"s where you deserve to watch "As The god Will" right now. 

Funimation Entertainment

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Directed by Takashi Miike, "As The Gods Will" stars Sota Fukushi and Hirona Yamazaki together classmates and friends Shun Takahata and Ichika Akimoto, whose boring yet normal life is totally upended as soon as their teacher"s head explodes, kickstarting a fatal competition through no factor why. The film is based upon the very first story arc the the manga the the exact same name by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and also Akeji Fujimura. 

If you desire to examine out the movie, there are currently only a few places whereby you can find "As The god Will." The film is not easily accessible on any type of streaming services right now in the US, yet you can purchase it digitally on Vudu, both in SD and also HDX, v the first option going because that $9.99, if the greater quality version is $14.99. Along with that, you have the choice to clock it in its original Japanese or one English referred to as version. You can additionally purchase a physical copy the "As The gods Will," for those who still have actually a DVD or Blu-ray player. The movie is obtainable for acquisition as a DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital HD collection at both Funimation and also Amazon, i m sorry both operation for about $27. 

While this is exactly how you have the right to watch "As The gods Will" ideal now, the rise in interest will likely lead the film to come on part streaming network in the close to future, so store an eye out.