Mad Max: What fury Road's finishing Quote Really means What"s the true an interpretation of the finishing quote in foolish Max: rage Road? We breakdown "The an initial History Man," personality archetypes, and Mad Max mythology.

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WARNING: spoiler for Mad Max: fury Road.

What"s the true meaning of the ending quote in Mad Max: fury Road? ~ Tom Hardy"s Max Rockatansky helps a team of other road warriors overthrow a armed forces leader, the franchise character once again wanders turn off by himself to live a life of solitude. George Miller"s 2015 activity classic ends v a line of cryptic text attributed to The first History Man, which claims "Where should we go... We who wander this Wasteland searching for our much better selves." 

Mad Max: fury Road maintain the style and also spirit the Miller"s trilogy certification Mel Gibson, but it"s not have to a faithful continuation. Tom durable stars as the title character, a guy who begins the movie by informing the audience that he"s haunted by the past and also just may be a tiny bit "crazy." This variation of Max drives the same automobile from the initial films, a unique Pursuit, and also wears his Main force Patrol jacket. Based upon the character"s look and surrounding environment, it"s clear the he has seen much far better days. The same uses to Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron), a rogue lieutenant that betrays her military leader, Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne), by taking his five wives and hitting the road. In a twist of fate, Max and Furiosa conference each other well past the military"s headquarters, The Citadel, and also end up joining forces. The warrior track under Immortan Joe, loss him, and subsequently save a starving and thirsty ar that needs a leader to think in. In the legacy of wake up heroes, Max walks far from The Citadel after share a learning glance v Furiosa.

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The last quote in Mad Max: fury Road doesn"t point out a real historic scholar or a famed text yet rather the director himself. Miller"s first History male is actually a recommendation to the Mad Max comic series and a personality who was originally an alleged to be component of the 2015 film"s storyline. Because that Mad Max: rage Road, Miller conjured up the "Where need to we go" line come reinforce the central themes the the franchise that were originally developed with Mad Max, a film around a reluctant hero. As Miller declared in 2015 (via USA Today), the mad Max personality is structurally rooted in Joseph Campbell"s Hero"s Journey, and so the "First history Man" correlates with the archetypal premise:

""When you check out Joseph Campbell, you realize what he is: he is a character who predates cinema and also is practically in all folklore, the wanderer in the wasteland in search of meaning." 

based on the archetype concept, the opening moments of Mad Max: rage Road can be interpreted as Max himself informing an imagined story. Interestingly enough, Mad Max 2 is told indigenous the view of a kid who recalls his experiences v Max Rockatansky. In a way, Max is a cinematic descendant the Clint Eastwood"s man with No Name, the antihero the Sergio Leone Blood Money trilogy (Fistful of Dollars, For a couple of Dollars More, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly). And also so Max walks far at the conclusion of Mad Max: rage Road every archetype rules, just like lovers come together at the end of romantic comedies. Together for Miller"s quote, it might be applied to a various movie character like John Wick, an archetypal number who understands his location in the human being but struggles to discover peace.

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If Mad Max: fury Road is merely a tale being told by an unreliable narrator, then might Max himself be "The an initial History Man"? If so, he"s somewhat choose Game of Thrones" Samwell Tarly; a character that survives a danger world and then walk on to write around it. When interpreting Max as a narrative archetype - fairly than a living, breathing man - he could even be perceived as a mental development of Gibson"s character; a component of his imagination. Based on these storytelling concepts, the next Mad Max film will certainly look familiar but take place in an entirely different realm.