Clay is a very an important commodity, as result of it gift a source that is offered in a many crafting and depending on what communication you play relies on where and how friend can discover it.

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Clay is essential for do the forges and also smelted to do upgraded tools.



Method 1 Digging:


Here is photo of what clay deserve to look favor on the map. This only involves Alpha 16 or reduced as in Alpha 17 there room no clay pits to dig. This is the most typical option ~ above the game stations platform too as heavy steam if you execute not have actually alpha 17 and also up.

Craft a shovel, at start stages a rock shovel would certainly work. Uneven you uncover a steel or iron shovel.Stone shovel provides you the an easy resourceIron shovels give you far better resource amountsSteel gives you the best resourcing amountsLook because that goldenrod and cotton. Those tree in a cluster indicate a clay patch.Look around big rocks due to the fact that sometimes there is clay under or around them.Clay patches space usually just 4-6 blocks deep and around 6 blocks wide.After that, you can have to find an additional spot or walk deeper.Mining under grass, snow, and also other zones can give you a chance at clay.

In Alpha 17 to uncover clay simply dig anywhere. It comes up together clay soil and it is found everywhere in the world. While digging for clay in Alpha 17 I would recommend no digging to close to your base together the zombies have the right to dig together well and thus strike your base.

Method #2 potted plants:


You walk to this place to obtain potted plants then scrap castle to gain clay soil. Only available in Alpha 17 and also higher.

This can not be stated for the game stations format.

Multiple locations have actually potted plants but the daycare has the many clay pots.Hotels and apartments have potted plants together wellYou can find them in almost all other structures at the very least one.You deserve to only scrap potted plants if they space not damaged so try not to damage them while fighting zombies.

Method 3 Traders:


Traders deserve to sometimes have actually clay easily accessible to purchase using tokens.

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How to obtain tokens:

Selling items to the traderTreasure map findingCash registersTrash bags and also binsSometimes zombie prey dropsAlpha 17 businessman quest

Method 4 blocks:


You can gain the clay out of destroying details blocks. Most common are the block at the military bases throughout the world. To ruin blocks you have the right to use any type of of these axes: 

Stone axes Iron pickaxesSteel pickaxes 

The greater the ax the far better the resource, therefore if you usage a steel pickaxe you room going come get much more resources back than if you supplied a stone or steel pickaxe.

The list over are the different pickaxes the you can make. Stole pickaxe is a late game items so friend will mostly use rock and iron starting out.