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Brandon Rogers (formerly well-known as "hotbananastud") is a YouTube comedian known for his viral videos the employ high production values and also a mutual narrative through-line through off-color, and also often offensive, humor, alongside the multitude the characters and stereotypes he portrays in his videos, similar to the videos the Filthy frank or Shane Dawson. Due to the fact that the production of his channel he has received much more than 3 million subscribers as of 2018.

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Brandon created his YouTube account top top January 7, 2006. On December sixth of the year he uploaded his very first video "Celebrity Impressions"(shown below) which to date has end 800,000 views. His an initial series, Theater Class, premiered on April 17, 2009 and ended on might 20th, 2012 with two seasons and 24 episodes total.<1>

He would later go ~ above to create sketch videos and also parodies, exhilaration as various recurring characters. His very first character "Grandpa" was influenced by his own grandfather and an initial appeared ~ above December 16, 2008. One of his many popular characters "Helen" debuted on November 5, 2015, wherein she is a detention manager of a main school.

His one million subscriber unique "A Day in ~ the Park" was uploaded top top April 2016. The video is his many popular video clip to date, with much more than 28.3 million views. The video features his "Mom" character taking her daughter to a field trip, connecting with Brandon"s countless other characters.

Brandon has later operated on collection such as Magic Funhouse on Fullscreen and also Stuff and also Sam top top his own channel.




Brandon has become famous because that his crude and exaggerative humor in his videos, often being featured in social media sites. In October 2015, a clip from his video "Grandpa no Valentimes" was uploaded on Vine, reflecting Grandpa saying "Try me, bitch" to one of his grandkids after the kid threw liquid at him.<2> It came to be one the his most memorable catchphrases, through the clip having actually over 22.5 million views (as of so late January 2018).

A much more famous Vine clip from among his videos is his "There is just one point worse than a rapist" joke, taken indigenous the second episode of his "Neighborhood Patrol" series.<3> The clip has more than 99 million views, and more than 17,000 upvote on the /r/videos subreddit.

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His content has additionally been featured twice in The fine Brothers" REACT series: the first reacting come his "Try me, bitch" Vine, and also the 2nd reacting to his map out comedy videos. Brandon uploaded his reaction come the adults React video clip (below, right) top top January 21, 2018.<5>