For example, your body has actually an interior thermostat. During a winter day, in your house a thermostat senses the temperature in a room and also responds by transforming on or turn off the heater. Your body acts in lot the exact same way. As soon as body temperature rises, receptor in the skin and also the brain sense the temperature change. The temperature change triggers a command indigenous the brain. This command can reason several responses. If you space too hot, the skin renders sweat and also blood vessels close to the skin surface dilate. This solution helps decrease human body temperature.

Another instance of negative feedback needs to do v blood glucose levels. Once glucose (sugar) levels in the blood are too high, the kidnize secretes insulin to stimulate the absorption of glucose and also the conversion of glucose right into glycogen, which is stored in the liver.

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Together blood glucose level decrease, much less insulin is produced. As soon as glucose levels are too low, another hormone referred to as glucagon is produced, which causes the liver to transform glycogen back to glucose.