Tyler Robert Joseph is ideal known together the front male of Grammy award winning (they were nominated because that six and also won one) music duo Twenty One Pilots. Joseph was born in Columbus, Ohio top top December 1, 1988.

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Before the formation of Twenty One Pilots, Joseph recorded and also self-released No Phun Intended. It was videotaped in his basement during his an elderly year that high school. His solo work formed the structure of the music that Twenty One Pilots, i beg your pardon takes influence from a range of genres and artists pointed out throughout this guide.

Here we will certainly profile Tyler Joseph the ukulele player, covering whatever from the exact ukulele that plays, some of the finest Twenty One Pilot songs (and covers) come play top top the ukulele, Joseph’s early life, that Joseph is married to and also more.

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What space The best Twenty One Pilots song To play On Ukulele?

What Ukulele does Tyler Play?

So what sort of ukulele go Tyler Joseph have? Well, tyler’s ukulele of choice is the Kala Hawaiian Koa Tenor Cutaway or KA-KTGE-C model.

This instrument attributes a Hawaiian Koa top, Hawaiian Koa earlier and sides, maple binding, mahogany neck, Pau Ferro fingerboard, slotted headstock, Venetian cutaway, gloss finish, a Graph technology NuBone nut and also saddle, Aqulia supervisor Nylgut strings, and also UK-300T electronics. Overall, this renders for a luxurious ukulele with a rich, full sound that perfect for live performance.

Kala Brand Music Co. Is based out of California and is a renowned ukulele maker. In addition to ukuleles, Kala manufactures UBASS instruments, guitars, percussion, accessories, apparel, and also parts.

That’s what ukulele Tyler Joseph uses.

How Old Is Tyler Joseph?

Tyler Joseph was born ~ above the an initial of December 1988. At the moment of creating this, ~ above the 19th of respectable 2021, that provides Tyler Joseph 32 years old.

If you read this in future, you have the right to use his date of birth to work-related out his current age.

What are The ideal Twenty One Pilots song To beat On Ukulele?

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Tyler Joseph to be the oldest of his three siblings, Zack Joseph, Jay Joseph (who is additionally a musician), and also Madison Brett.

Tyler’s mom Kelly Joseph to be a mathematics teacher in the Olentangy institution district, later being named the Olentangy Orange High School’s basketball coach in 2013. His father, Christopher Anthony “Chris” Joseph was a coach at Washington Christian School.

Tyler began playing basketball at an early age and also even went on to play allude guard because that Worthington Christian, i m sorry placed second in the department IV state tournament in 2008. Future Twenty One Pilots bassist Nick thomas played top top the exact same team as Tyler and also even perform “The Star-Spangled Banner” through him at one of their games.

Tyler to be presented v the opportunity to beat basketball in ~ Otterbein university on a scholarship. The rejected the market after seeing a songwriter carry out at a High Street Club. Tyler dug increase an old key-board that had been sitting in his closet and started finding out the melodies the heard ~ above the radio.

From around 2007 to 2008, Tyler would start work top top his solo album, No Phun Intended, which experienced Nick cutting board playing guitar on number of songs.

How tall Is Tyler Joseph?

Tyler Joseph is 5’10”.

There room reports of differing heights, but five foot ten inches high is the many common.

Who Is Tyler Joseph Married To?

Tyler Joseph is married come Jenna Joseph, born Jenna Elizabeth Black.

Hailing from Ohio, Jenna has over 1.6 million Instagram followers and has showed up in many music videos. No doubt, she’s been the resource of impetus for plenty of of tyler’s songs.

Jenna was elevated Christian and also continues to exercise the religion. She is the youngest of five siblings, v two sisters and two brothers.

Tyler Joseph Ukulele, final Thoughts

Even if Twenty One Pilots isn’t specifically your thing, over there is constantly something to it is in learned from other ukulele players. Tyler Joseph leans heavily on particular devices and chord progressions, so evaluating and picking up his format should it is in a fun project, and it shouldn’t take too long.

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The coolest part about his ukulele playing is how he incorporates it right into the pop-oriented music of Twenty One Pilots. It just so happens that he’s a an excellent solo show too, and also that renders him worth checking out.