A stoa (/ˈsto??/; plural, stoas, stoai, or stoae /ˈsto?. Iː/), in old Greek architecture, is a extended walkway or portico, commonly for publicly use. At an early stage stoas were open at the entrance through columns, generally of the Doric order, lining the next of the building; they developed a safe, enveloping, safety atmosphere.

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Click come see complete answer. Besides, what kind of structure is a Stoa?

Stoa. Stoa, many Stoae, in Greek architecture, a freestanding colonnade or spanned walkway; also, a long open building, the roof supported by one or much more rows the columns parallel to the behind wall. The Stoa of Attalus in ~ Athens is a prime example.

Secondly, who built the Stoa the Attalos? Attalos II

Furthermore, what type of structure is a Stoa Brainly?

A greek public Building.

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What to be Stoas used for?

Open at the front through a façade that columns, a stoa noted an open, yet protected, space. In addition to giving a ar for the tasks of civil magistrates, shopkeepers, and others, stoas often served together galleries because that art and also public monuments, were provided for religious purposes, and delineated publicly space.

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How was the Parthenon built?

Directed by the Athenian statesman Pericles, the Parthenon was developed by the architects Ictinus and also Callicrates under the supervision of the sculptor Phidias. Work began in 447 bce, and also the building itself to be completed through 438.

What is the architecture at the top of a obelisk called?

In design the resources (from the Latin caput, or "head") or chapiter forms the topmost member that a tower (or a pilaster). That mediates between the column and the load thrusting under upon it, broadening the area that the column"s sustaining surface.

What is the best description the a roman forum?

A Forum was the main center of a roman inn city. Usually located near the physical facility of a roman inn town, it served as a windy area in which commercial, religious, economic, political, legal, and social tasks occurred. Fora were typical in all roman inn cities, yet none to be as grand as the fora of Rome itself.

When to be the Stoa of Attalos built?

150 BC

What to be the Agora made of?

ancient Agora that Athens background Material Marble Founded sixth century BC Periods classic era Cultures old Greece

What is the bouleuterion in Athens?

A bouleuterion (Greek: βουλευτήριον, bouleutērion), likewise translated as council house, assembly house, and also senate house, to be a structure in ancient Greece which housed the council of citizens (βουλή, boulē) of a autonomous city state.

How long has actually the Parthenon been standing?

The Parthenon is a resplendent marble holy place built in between 447 and also 432 B.C. During the height of the ancient Greek Empire. Dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena, the Parthenon sits high atop a compound of temples recognized as the Acropolis of Athens.

What walk Doric stimulate mean?

The Doric order is defined by a plain, unadorned shaft capital and also a obelisk that rests straight on the stylobate the the temple without a base. The Doric entablature contains a frieze created of trigylphs—vertical plaques with three divisions—and metopes—square spaces because that either painted or sculpted decoration.

What is a colonnade in architecture?

In timeless architecture, a colonnade is a lengthy sequence the columns joined by your entablature, frequently free-standing, or part of a building. As soon as in former of a building, screening the door (Latin porta), it is called a portico, as soon as enclosing an open up court, a peristyle.
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