It is higher than God and more evil 보다 the devil. The bad have it, the rich need it and also if you eat it you’ll die. What is it?

Nothing. Nothing is better than God, naught is an ext evil than the devil, the bad have nothing, the rich need nothing and also if friend eat nothing you’ll die.

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Nothing. Nothing is greater than God, nothing is an ext evil than the devil, the poor have nothing, the rich require nothing and also if girlfriend eat nothing you’ll die.


Nothing is greater than Creator yet Hell is more evil 보다 the devilHell is various Creature 보다 devil


It to be nuthing. At an initial i was confused but then i gained nice riddle anyone made that up it to be cool.


Actually there room things much better than God, and also that is all of you due to the fact that I haven’t seen any kind of of you kill million of human being just because they disagree through you. By the method the quantity of civilization God has actually killed is really high contrasted to Hitler and also Stalin, so take that on Religion.


Ok Josef, however I don’t think Hitler and also Stalin were doing the for simply reasons. I additionally don’t think Hitler and Stalin are kind, forgiving, merciful, powerful, Holy, King of every people, Creator, and the One true God. Our Lord has His reasons, and also we might not know the specific reasoning, every I understand is the He’s never wrong. So take the on you


THIS IS A man “MESSAGE” , and THOSE that ACTUALLY understand WHAT the IS will NOT TELL you … despite I will certainly TELL YOU just how TO number THIS out WITH common SENSE …THE prize IS not “NOTHING’


WHAT is higher than God and more EVIL 보다 the evil one The negative HAVE IT, THE RICH require IT and if friend EAT it you will do it DIE.What is IT?CORRECT ANSWER“IMAGE OF an IDENTITY”

WHAT is better THAN GOD = resource CONSCIOUSNESS

MORE EVIL 보다 the DEVIL= image OF GODThe bad HAVE the = common SENSE IDENTITYTHE RICH require IT=KNOWLEDGE the THE IDENTITYif girlfriend EAT it you’ll DIE=YOUR own IDENTITY

ivan says April 18, 2015

Pizza is higher than God.My algebra teacher was an ext evil 보다 the devil.

Julia states April 23, 2015

I don’t know nothing?

xFix_Elite states April 26, 2015

A soulPoor world have souls well rich people are souless ( most rich human being not every )

Dan claims April 27, 2015

The fact that you are typing a discuss this site method you are, compared to the civilization population, rich. Too bad you have no soul.

am says April 27, 2015

your face

sopheavy states might 19, 2015

Nothing.Because nothing is better than a god,nothing is evil 보다 the devil,poor has nothing,the rich require nothing,if girlfriend eat nothing you’ll die.You just erase that and readjust to nothing that’s it.

james states June 1, 2015

wow everyone bible-thumps however they room not much more right than the next

Tab claims June 3, 2015

Just reasons? Lmao!!!!!!!!

Christianity’s killings weren’t constantly for simply reasons. Actually most of the time they were not. Most of the moment it was for GREED.

Howard says June 5, 2015

TabI don’t mental the answer come this riddle. Nor carry out I specifically have anything versus most the the other people’s POV. In my opinion the is rather alright because that others to have a different opinion. We space all different after all. However, I must say come blatantly and also quite ignorantly say offense to an additional person’s (and in your case an additional faction’s) opinion without any kind of evidence to ago you up, i cannot help but pity you.

Now don’t gain me wrong right here however. I by no means come below to offend, or revoke your opinion. But would rather have actually a an ext logical answer; something much much better than a solitary word written in funding letters if friend could.

To begin with, what is greed? What weighs the range of justice and also injustice? What is evil, and also what is usual sense? where is the end, and also where is the beginning? answers to most of these concerns are left unanswered for a good reason. We space incapable the bringing soon a definite answer. We space not omnipotent, neither space we omnipresent or all knowing. We space incomplete. For example. If one could say evil is murder, does that no speak in exact same to those who abort children? world who buy commodities that might have price other males their lives? people who ignorantly consume and eat non-sparingly there is no a second thought for the starving millions around the world? In this case, what about us is righteous? Is charity come the poor, and helping the sick there is no gain? Is saving others native bullies, or striking under terrorists a simply deed? In the matter, how can we identify justice, once we proceed to concern it? execute we that this world constantly come to assist to those in need? and to what condition can one’s life it is in measured upon? Answers might come, yet where their room answers there lies the question.

For friend those words you may have said may mean nothing an ext than a trivial response, however, together we speak several millions of other world could be influenced with those an extremely words. Whether you intended come harm, or not. Native online, sweet no less in the genuine world. For we as humans, are curious and also inconsistent beings. In like, the very same case uses to me and also the others above.

Therefore i implore you and also alongside come the others above to think prior to speaking out thoughtless, and offensive remarks.


OK well the reply is “nothing” and Joseph is appropriate god has actually killed more then hittler and stallen but here is the trick the american killed more then they ever did ns was born in America therefore what I have to say is not in hate of one more country this is my learning of mine country and the reason I speak America has actually killed much more then anyone as well as god due to the fact that of the american hollacost that’s what I speak to it that was the time where the white man eliminated Africans ( servants ) and also killed native Americans that were likewise slaves come the white guy a hold country of african Americans to be pushed and also killed from your homes! therefore the answers needs to be nothing yet what is naught really as soon as you have actually something?


well ive obtained NOTHING come do but wonder ….. Wonder if god feel that means that is if together an entity exists far better to for go pascal’s wager and also believe we space all apart of living entity for if girlfriend look inwards you will uncover the answer

Well ive acquired NOTHING however time top top my hands ….. Certain the devil will find somthing for me to execute ….. How can i believe in the adversary if i recognize that god is a entity made up of a cumulative for the cosmos its self is a living thing world miss understanding of old teaching horus day collection night day and also night and also wraped by religious beliefs in stimulate to control

and yes NOTHING ns really desire various other than the love from others…. How an excellent it feeling to be satisfied without the should deprive others for greed his the is the cruse the the richhow well-off am iand yes sir NOTHING in the cupboards come eat ……………. For i have eaten it why have more than girlfriend truly require for greed is the mark of a beast

is over there NOTHING after fatality ………… for them that believe in nethier sky or hell what is left only time will certainly tell for with in the loop of Infinity infinite in limitless out there is a repetition

A RIDDLE for YOU OR fairly AN enigma Ouroboros


science is better than got because science is yes, really we have the right to test it however got is nothing yet an reality a spirit that has actually never to be proven to it is in real.


well its really cool……i was thinking with mine grandpa and then search in google and also now ns get……..its…..”Nothing”


Nothingit is really true…. Nothing is higher than God, due to the fact that He developed the planet n us and if that wasn’t for Him, we, People! don’t recognize what love, respect, trust and also love is. Nothing is more evil 보다 the devil. Adversary works for Satan and his temptation space very an effective that we sometimes don’t understand that that is his doing. The poor have nothing. The rich require nothing since the affluent got every little thing they need and also if you eat nothing in ~ all, you’ll dieso yes!! I entirely agree with the answer and OMG I highly pull my hats off to the human being who came up through this riddle.


The reality that this people is so abruptly stupid shocks me. Over there is no god or satan just evolution based on power and also self worth. Human beings are a sick being wanting to recognize why life is the method it is. And the answer is an easy because for some weird factor we believe we have to listen to rules and we have to have money as soon as u dont. Us were not put on planet to listen to anyone yet ourselves we are pets just together a dog or a bear. Have we really become smarter or much more dumb since I myself do not watch a dog fighting to salary rent that sleeps to be he pleases.WE room ALL EQUAL and WE space MUTUALLY STUPID no one OR conference IS ceo LIVE how U PLEASE and STOP do the efforts TO build A SMARTER human being KIND ITS not WORKING. Enjoy UR LIFE and also LIVE choose A DOG perform AS U PLEASE until YOUR TIME has COME


I need to say one thing around who has actually been many responsible for human deaths. And that would be humans. We space a warring species, and use all kinds of forgiveness to begin them. Faith is just one, but ambition and arrogance would certainly be the greatest reasons. Once we discover that we space all alike, shed the nationalistic attitudes, and also realize the we need to work with each other to protect our planets resources, then perhaps the wars will cease and we deserve to resolve the world’s bigger issues. Hunger, poverty, disease, and also education. If it ultimately happens, will certainly it be as well late?

josef Exline. How ignorant are you to blame God for what man done?Religion is wrong because that humanity and also has to be poisoning culture for at least the last two thousand years and doesnt look set to stop for a long time.Religion stifles curiousity. There is no reason to look because that the answers to the an excellent questions that the universe if you currently know the answers. Religion is a detriment to human culture in so countless ways the creates fabricated boundries between populations and also aside from race I think it is probably the best obstruction in humanities path to becoming a truly great species.When we find out the truth and accept our location in the world the types will be much better off! BTW even Jesus hated faith it n his man-made book..think out side the the box. If it wasn’t for a beginning creator nothing wouldn’t even exist


What one thing have the right to Jesus Christ no do?There IS one answer, and also it’s no sin or tell a lie.


NothingNothing’s better than God or more evil than the devil the bad have nothing and the rich have to much there fort hey require nothing if friend eat nothing you will die


i think the is money due to the fact that some people think the is higher than god and also it is much more evil 보다 the devil the negative have it the wealthy need an ext of it and you shouldn’t eat you will die


One girlfriend all should learn about Christianity history they were an Amry that brutaly slaughtered millions of civilization just because they didn’t believe and also except god together their Lord and also savior. Second if god truly exists then wherein is he as soon as some many an excellent people space dying if he truly loves us why would placed us in horrible situations and and why go everyone keep saying he has actually a setup for united state all and that arrangement has a function i speak to bull cause What might possibly it is in the function for a boy die?!?! To cause his/her’s parents pain?!?! If god was truly real and loved us so lot like anyone says numerous babies wouldnt be able to die and people would live a full life.


Sam, science is based upon hunches. I don’t think in god. Yet don’t call ppl who execute that they room wrong. Just due to the fact that you haven’t viewed it doesn’t median it doesn’t exist. Ppl assumed the planet was level until they verified it round. Ppl were specific the sun revolved about the earth. Ppl thought an eclipse to be magic until they establish it to be the moon passing by the sun. I’m not saying you have to believe on god. I’m simply saying don’t dismiss the idea since everything in scientific research was when magic or something favor that. Just cause you’ve never ever seen that doesn’t median it’s not there. Think of every the points you’ve never seen in person. You’ve never seen then but think lock exist hahahaha.


Off that the peak of mine head I assumed Pride first, yet then Fear. Ns agree with a pair of various other people. “Religion stifles curiosity” & this riddle may have actually something to perform with “image that identity”. I think most people put no thought into this after reading the very first part. They instantly thought that there’s nothing better than God. I think in evolution, so ns can’t agree with “Nothing”. Ns answered based on my own life experiences and also what ns see hidden in others.Fear is an ext powerful 보다 a “God” due to the fact that if you room afraid nobody can aid you, not even a “God”. Fear is worse 보다 a “Devil” due to the fact that if you space afraid you, 보다 you cannot beat evil. I think bad people may have actually a lot of of fear in them and that’s why they space not living at their complete potential. And rich world need fear to continue to be in touch with reality and to prevent bring about too much injury to others. Are afraid is a sickness. If you permit Fear to get inside her soul, you will die. This is my very own theory prior to looking digital at all of the other answers. Have actually a pleasant day anyone ;-)


Let me clean this all up God has sinned because of him being the all knowing being so he needs to know exactly how sin feels, the devil is the best evil follow to the bible and also the poor and also wearily point is specifically what it says or you could take it prefer this:

God isn’t the only god he’s the God that order and also so nobody has much better judgement 보다 him also if it’s a sinful act, their are gods for everything, and also the devil is the God the chaos for this reason he counteracts God, now the poor have nothing, the wealthy require nothing, and also if girlfriend don’t eat anything you will certainly die currently to sum this increase God is because that order Satan is because that discord and also the wealthy require nothing negative have nothing and if you eat nothing friend die.

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Also every you civilization who room stuck come one religion prefer being a Christian read right into some other religions you will uncover that every religious beliefs is similar and every one has actually someone like your God however theirs are more realistic because it’s not just one being doing every little thing it’s multiple all of equal level and also status and also the only heaven is as soon as you die and the just hell is our minds because as human beings we create chaos and destruction and even to this particular day we space the embodiment the sin


Also mjane no believing in God isn’t ignorance it’s being in reality Human and thinking for yourself and not listening to part idiot who killed millions since they didn’t agree through him, because you can’t justify killing anyone even if you are a god


why do people take God for grantedAsk yourself the following questions if you dont believe1 is it possible that humans,just by chance developed on earth and also found themselves having eyes,ears,hands five fingers etc ?2 that made atoms and put laws on electron ,ie, lock repel.


For those that carry out not believe in God… Isn’t it far better and safer to think in sth and also in death realise that it doesn’t exist and it changes nothing than think in nothing just for u to realise in death that God is real and also be a fool because that eternity? the will cost u nothing to think in God especially in Jesus Christ bcos every things have actually been payment for. Therefore why not shot today to believe in God. Forever is also long compared to this life come be and remain a fool…


Ya’ll will never find the answers cuz GOD IS AN creativity TO EASE her STATE the MIND. We’ve to be lied too sense we were born. They’re thousands of religions anywhere the globe, THERE space CELEBRITIES that BE venerated TOO! and I wouldn’t be suprised if one of those religions worship a f—ing cup! for this reason y’all stfu through this naught riddle and also actually watch what walking on In this world. And no ns don’t think in god however I think in Myself, the ones i love and also US! It’s up to us to keep the each various other alive. It’s increase to united state to weather do our stays hell or heaven. An excellent and evil actually demands one an additional to keep the whole universe stable especially ourselves!!! therefore that provided me the opportunity to realize that theirs a disadvantage to every little thing rich or poor. So LIVE your F—ING LIFE and STOP QUESTIONING IT!!! Gosh!