A recording artist from new Orleans, august Alsina is perhaps best known because that his cooperation with Trinidad James, I Luv This Shit. Influenced to song at a young age, he uploaded his an initial cover track onto Youtube in his early teens. V Def Jam Records, the rapper released his debut EP, Downtown: Life Under the Gun in 2013. Because then, he has actually dropped two studio albums, Testimony and This Thing referred to as Life in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

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Born top top September 3, 1992 in brand-new Orleans, Louisiana, respectable Alsina first expressed an attention in to sing after the town hall the musical film, Sister act 2: ago in the Habit (1993) together a child. Follow music together a hobby, he at some point started to upload covers onto Youtube, the an initial being that of Lyfe Jennings’ Hypothetically. As result of his father’s addiction through cocaine, him and his mother later on relocated to Houston, Texas complying with Hurricane Katrina whereby he spent his teenager years.

After completing high school, Alsina moved to Atlanta, Georgia to go after a music career. In 2012, he exit his very first official mixtape, The Product (he had recorded an untitled mixtape a year before).

How august Alsina ended up being Famous

In 2013, the rapper released the single, I Luv This Shit– a joint endeavor with Trinidad James. One R&B song around drugs and alcohol, that was written by Alsina himself with aid from Sean McMillion, Ralph Jeanty, and Nicholas Willams, amongst a few others. Praised all roughly by critics, the track ended up reaching number 48 top top the Billboard warm 100 and number 13 ~ above the warm Hip-Hop Songs. To encourage the single, Alsina perform the song on a few shows including The Arsenio hall Show, 106 & Park, and The Wendy Williams Show.

Given a Viewer’s choice Award at the gambling Awards ceremony in 2014, an main music video clip was later uploaded onto Youtube. Responsible for parachuting him right into fame, the MV has since been perceived over 52.8 million times on his Youtube channel. ~ above Soundcloud, the single has likewise racked up much more than 25 million streams.

August Alsina’s later Music Releases

On respectable 20, 2013, the record artist released his debut EP, Downtown: Life Under the Gun. Created by Carlos Cahee, Andrew Clifton, Eric Hudson, Cassius Jay, and The Exclusives, the featured a couple of guest appearances from affluent Homie Quan, Kidd Kidd, and Trinidad James. Preceded by the above mentioned single and Ghetto, the record had eight tracks- Hell top top Earth, nobody Knows, Don’t Forget around Me, Ghetto, allow Me hit That, i Luv This Shit, survival of the Fittest, and Downtown.

Noted for its ballads, the expanded play charted at number 68 ~ above the Billboard top 200 and also number 44 on the top R&B Albums. ~ above AllMusic, the project currently holds a three and a fifty percent star rating.

A year afterwards, his debut album, Testimony was exit on April 15, 2014. A combination of i know well hop and also R&B, fifteen songs were introduced- including FML (Ft. Pusha T), Ghetto (Ft. Yo Gotti), Grind & Pray/Get Ya Money (Ft. Fabolous), Kissin’ on mine Tattoos, and Benediction (Ft. Rick Ross). ~ above its relax in the joined States, it got to number 2 on the Billboard height 200 and number one top top the peak Hip-Hop Albums; elsewhere, the album additionally charted in the UK.

Met with positive reviews from publications such together The brand-new York Times and Now Magazine, Testimony sold 67,000 copies within the first week alone in the US. By march 2016, more than 500,000 units have been sold, earning it gold certification in the RIAA. Come date, it remains to it is in the rapper’s most successful studio album. In support of the album, Alsina additionally headlined the Testimony Live tour in 2014.

On December 11, 2015, Alsina yielded his second album, This Thing called Life. Supported by 5 singles including Why execute It (Ft. Lil Wayne), i know well Hop, and Song Cry, it gotten in the Billboard 200 at number fourteen, with approximately 41,000 sales in the first week. Indigenous there, the album eventually also reached number 2 on the top R&B Albums. Produced by countless of his long time collaborators including Knucklehead, The Exclusives, and Polow da Don, the playlist had fifteen monitor including Been approximately the World, would You Know? very first Time, American Dream, and Look at How much I’ve Come.

Aside native the above, the emcee has also been featured as a guest artist on number of occasions- because that instance, that teamed up through Sage the Gemini in Down on her Luck, with Kirko Bangz in Rich, DJ Khaled on Hold friend Down, Kevin gateways on I Don’t acquire Tired, among numerous others. Several of the artists that he’s collaborated with encompass Juicy J, Keyshia Cole, Flo Rida, DJ Drama, Ty Dolla Sign, and also Plies.

Awards received by respectable Alsina

In the couple of years that he’s been connected with the lab scene, august Alsina has earned himself a grasp of accolades consisting of six BET award nominations. Indigenous those, two were wins for the categories of Best new Artist and Coca-Cola Viewers’ an option Award.

This previous summer, the was additionally invited to execute at the gambling Awards Pre-Show in Los Angeles, California.

August Alsina’s Snapchat name – imjustAUG


A couple of summers ago, pan rejoiced ~ the 25-year-old rapper common his Snapchat username via Twitter (said tweet has since received end 3,000 likes). If you’d prefer to add August Alsina to her friend’s list, click here.

August Alsina ‘s various other Social Media Accounts

August Alsina’s on facebook Account

Want to follow the rapper on Facebook? You can do so by involvement 3 million other fans in liking his main page- girlfriend can find him top top the site at

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Perhaps the easiest method to stay atop the the artist is to monitor him ~ above Twitter- you can find him on the tweeting platform at

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Interested in viewing some behind the scene photos from august Alsina himself? If so, you should absolutely check out his main Instagram account in ~
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