“What if i told you whatever you recognize is a lie?” … including the fact that Morpheus never actually said that line in the “Matrix” movie.

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You’ve just experienced the Mandela Effect. But what is that?

ENTITY go some research around the conspiracy taking the internet by storm and found 50 mind punch (and infuriating) examples.

It all began with debate over when Nelson Mandela died.


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The Mandela impact is a phenomenon where a big number of people have a false memory around an occasion or fact. Nelson Mandela’s fatality in 2013 to be the initial occasion to spark the conspiracy due to the fact that multiple civilization remembered him dying while in prison in the 1980s.

People asserted they recalled news clips and also TV coverage of Nelson’s funeral. But that’s not what happened.

After being released indigenous prison, the activist was the president of southern Africa and also he live for the following three decades.

But, Nelson Mandela’s death was only the beginning. Since then, world online have uncovered multiple instances of the Mandela Effect.

People have tried to debunk the phenomenon by saying the Mandela effect is a straightforward case the misremembering occasions or facts. However, rather chalk it approximately explanations as wild as parallel universes and also merging with various other dimensions.

Either way, us promise these will certainly leave you scratching your head and questioning what you in reality know around reality.

1 Berenstein bear is actually Berenstain Bears.


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After Nelson Mandela’s death, the “Berenstain Bears” debacle is just one of the most popular Mandela Effects. Numerous people distinctly remember the children’s book spelled “Berenstein,” through an e. However, the collection has constantly been named the “Berenstain Bears.”

Adding to the eeriness of the debate, a user on Reddit discovered an old VHS tape v the “e” spelling. Therefore what actually is the truth? we don’t understand anymore.

2 No, that doesn’t to speak “Luke ns am her father.”

One that the most iconic lines of the Star wars franchise is as soon as Darth Vader says, “Luke i am her father.” however what if us told friend he never actually claimed it?

We swear we’re not making this up. Beat the clip and you’ll hear he in reality says, “No, ns am her father.”

Don’t feel negative if you’re completely questioning your existence right now due to the fact that even James Earl Jones, the voice that Darth Vader, remembers the line v Luke’s name.

3 and also while we’re talk “Star Wars,” C3PO isn’t all gold.


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When friend think the C3PO, the first thing to come to mind is his shiny gold body. However, to countless “Star Wars” fans’ confusion, his right leg is in reality silver.

Online Mandela result debunkers say his best leg was always silver. Lock argue his original leg obtained damaged, yet there to be no longer gold material approximately to produce a new one.

4 It’s “Sex and the City.”


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While Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda had a many sex in the city on your six-season show, the present itself is actually called “Sex and the City.”

Old memorabilia also supports the Mandela result notion, with images surfacing the a perfume set that clearly says “Sex in the City.”

5 “Life was choose a box of chocolates.”

Like the Luke line in Star Wars, many “Forrest Gump” pan love quoting the heat he says at the bus stop. Mama always told him, “Life is like a crate of chocolates,” right?

Nope. Mama always told him, “Life was like a crate of chocolates.” The previous tense variation doesn’t do grammatical feeling to us either, but if friend play the clip, you’ll clearly hear him speak “was.”

6 Oscar Meyer has a second name it’s M-A-Y-E-R.

Everyone can probably remember singing the Oscar Mayer jingle in your childhood. Us all can agree our bologna has actually a first name and also it’s O-S-C-A-R. However when it involves our bologna’s 2nd name, over there is a substantial debate walking on.

Many people remember the last surname of the famous hotdog brand as “Meyer.” In reality, it’s Oscar Mayer.

7 The monopoly man doesn’t have a monocle.


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Most everyone remembers playing monopoly as a child. While you might not understand the monopoly Man’s name is Rich Uncle Pennybags, you more than likely remember him for his monocle.

The only thing is, he never ever wore one.

8 JcPenny is in reality JcPenney.


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The well-known retail keep has constantly been JCPenney. However, many still vividly psychic the keep being referred to as JCPenny.

This one may simply be a instance of misspelling, yet the following one will have you seriously questioning her memory.

9 “We room the Champions” but not “of the world.”

There’s no time because that losers since we space the champions. That’s it. That’s whereby it ends due to the fact that Freddy Mercury never says “of the world” at the end of the song.

Don’t believe us? Hit that play button.

They perform say “of the world” previously in the song, but the iconic crescendoing finish seems empty without its final expression. The tune builds up to the end and then trails off after he states “we are the champions.”

10 Sally ar didn’t say, “You favor me, friend really favor me.”

In 1985, once Sally ar was accepting her Oscar because that “Best Actress” in “Places in the Heart,” she provided a memorable speech. But do girlfriend remember that correctly? You may be thinking she said, “You like me, girlfriend really prefer me.”

She really said, “You prefer me, appropriate now, you choose me.”

Another theory among commenters in Mandela effect forums is the her surname was Sally fields – through the s – in the alternating universe whereby she said, “You choose me, you really like me.”

11 Mandela, “you’ve got some ‘splaining come do” because Ricky Ricardo never ever said that.


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For numerous “I Love Lucy” fans, quoting Ricky saying, “Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do” is one of their favourite things around the show.

You guessed it. Ricky never ever said that.

He said Lucy to “splain” and also even to “start ‘splaining” multiple time on the show however he never said the full phrase in all of its 181 episodes.

12 Mona Lisa smiles?


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It seems with age comes happiness, at the very least when it pertains to the Mona Lisa. For this Mandela Effect, people think the renowned painting when contained a woman whose laugh was fixed detectable.

They remember the woman being heavily debated for her downturned mouth the still showed up to be smiling. However, it no much longer seems prefer that’s the situation for Da Vinci’s masterpiece.

Now, it seems her smile is a pretty noticeable smirk.

13 mister Rogers has a brand-new theme song.

As a child, the was constantly exciting getting attracted into Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood. To sing the opened song in addition to the lovable grandpa figure was among the finest parts.

However, there’s a brand-new twist to the tune we all thought we remembered so well. That doesn’t sing, “It’s a beautiful job in the neighborhood.” instead he says, “It’s a beautiful work in this neighborhood.”

We assumption: v it’s no a beautiful job in any type of other neighborhood.

14 KitKat isn’t Kit-Kat.


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We know, the doesn’t also look right. If girlfriend haven’t picked up among these coco bars in ages, you might not have noticed.

We don’t gain this one either, but the KitKat logo no longer has the hyphen. For this reason did we all comprise the Kit-Kat wrapper in our heads?

15 It’s “Interview through the Vampire” not “Interview v a Vampire.”


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“Interview with the Vampire” is a famous horror film based on the 1976 ann Rice novel. However, world remember it with a slightly different title, “Interview with a Vampire.”

The last movie title is so popular that as soon as searched on Google, it come up as the said term rather of the yes, really title.

16 It’s no Chic-fil-A or Chik-fil-A, it’s Chick-fil-A.


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At least it’s still true the they placed pickles on your chicken sandwiches and they aren’t open up on Sundays. The renowned fast food restaurant isn’t just how you remember the in a pretty remarkable way. It’s called Chick-fil-A.

No, you review that right. It’s not Chik-fil-A or Chic-fil-A. It’s Chick-fil-A, despite world distinctly remembering the brand’s strange spelling.

17 There were six civilization in the vehicle when JFK to be shot, not four.

When man F. Kennedy to be shot, his motorcade had actually six world in the car, not four. This is walking to it is in pretty difficult to describe to the world who clearly remember the two people in the really front of the automobile as being nonexistent.

The edge of the footage deserve to probably account because that the missing people in the limousine, but this will certainly still be weird for the human being who don’t remember ever seeing castle before.

18 Hannibal Lecter never said, “Hello, Clarice.”

In one more famously misquoted movie line, Hannibal Lecter never ever greets Clarice Starling through saying, “Hello, Clarice” in “Silence that the Lambs.”

But also without the line, the cannibal killer is still really creepy.

19 Curious George never had actually a tail.


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It might seem counterintuitive come imagine a monkey there is no its tail. However, “Curious George” has always featured such an animal.

While many remember George with a long, curving tail, that doesn’t actually have one. Tell the to the dozens of civilization who dress up favor the lovable monkey because that Halloween, tail and all.

20 The queen in “Snow White” never ever said, “Mirror, winter on the wall.”

“Mirror, winter on the wall, who’s the fairest of castle all?” Well, it’s not likely he’s going to tell you once you attend to him wrong.

Snow White’s evil stepmother in reality says, “Magic mirror on the wall.” we didn’t think it either.

21 There was no genie movie in the ’90s starring Sinbad.


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If you’re not even halfway through the list and also suffering a Mandela impact meltdown, include this one to your list. Many believe the comedian Sinbad was in a 1990s movie called “Shazaam,” wherein he play a genie.

Sinbad himself stated he never ever played the character. The movie likewise never existed.

Mandela effect debunkers think he’s being puzzled with Shaq, that played a genie in the movie “Kazaam” in 1996. However, some digital forum commenters host true to your memory and say the Shaq movie was intended to it is in a parody of the initial Sinbad flick.

22 Pikachu’s tail is all yellow.


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If girlfriend were v the Pokémon GO crowd of the last year, friend probably became pretty reminiscent of your childhood the town hall Pikachu and also Jiggly Puff battle Pokémon ~ above screen.

However, you additionally may have realized Pikachu’s tail looks a tiny different. Numerous Pokemon pan say castle remember his tail having a black stripe. That didn’t.

23 Fruit Loops is actually Froot Loops.


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That’s not exactly how fruit is spelled.

Well, the didn’t avoid Kellogg from naming their grain brand “Froot Loops.” While that makes creative sense the the twin o’s would mimic the word “loops,” civilization still think the grain once had the correct spelling.

The cereal doesn’t contain real fruit, so maybe it’s a an excellent thing the location isn’t misleading.

24 over there is no Jiffy peanut butter.


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Jif peanut butter is most likely in many everyone’s pantry appropriate now. However this dispute isn’t end whether it’s creamy or crunchy.

Mandela result believers remember the jelly-counterpart brand as Jiffy. However, no such brand exist in this universe.

25 White the end is spelled Wite Out.


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It appears pretty ironic that a brand proclaiming to resolve your mistakes has actually a clean misspelling in that is title. That’s right, White the end is actually Wite Out.

Hopefully the product works much better than that is name.

26 Mickey computer mouse doesn’t undertake suspenders.


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Mickey Mouse’s high-waisted shorts are completely in style. But, we hope they’re pretty chop so they don’t fall down because Disney’s most well known character doesn’t have his iconic suspenders.

While the official cartoons don’t display Mickey with shoulder straps, world say they had toys and stuffed pets when they to be younger that had actually the mouse in his “full” outfit.

27 It’s in reality Gandhi not Ghandi.


This may be another case of human being commonly misspelling a an overwhelming name, however people swear lock remember Mahatma, the Indian civil rights leader’s, last name together Ghandi.

In reality, it’s Gandhi.

28 Smokey the bear is actually simply Smokey Bear.


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The lovable forest animal who tells kids they have the right to prevent woodland fires is called Smokey Bear not Smokey the Bear favor We. All. Remember.

What you might not know is Smokey Bear was an actual bear cub who escaped a new Mexico wildfire in the spring of 1950.

One explanation because that this Mandela impact is the bear’s actual surname differs from the 1952 Steve Nelson and also Jack Rollins’ song, which calls that “Smokey the Bear.”

29 The tank didn’t run over the boy in Tiananmen Square.

While discussing history with she husband, one woman uncovered she thought the tank ran over the protestor that blocked its path in Tiananmen Square in 1989. She husband remembered that going around him.

In reality, the tank goes about him.

So why did they have various memories? It’s possible the woman was merger the massacre, which developed in Tiananmen Square, with what happened the day before, when Chinese officials eliminated hundreds to thousands of students protesting your regime.

30 “If you construct it, he will come.”

In yet one more misquoted movie line, the movie “Field of Dreams” has actually the line, “If you develop it, he will come.” Most civilization think the heat is, “If you develop it, they will come,” which renders sense, considering the main character beam builds a baseball diamond and baseball players show up.

However, the actual line almost feels prefer the movie should have actually a biblical context.

31 Aqua in reality sang, “I’m a barbie girl, in the barbie world.”

No, it’s not, “I’m a barbie girl, in a barbie world.” Aqua is referring to a very specific barbie world, “the” barbie human being to be exact.

Don’t worry, we’re singing it not correct in our heads best now, too.

32 as soon as you’re acquisition the easy method out the that publication report, you’re top top CliffsNotes.


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The tool many of us supplied for every publication report ever before written is referred to as CliffsNotes no CliffNotes. This makes sense considering that creator’s surname was Clifton, but we can’t help but think it just sounds wrong.

We’re no the just ones. Also Wikipedia addresses the typical misconception that the examine guides are called CliffNotes.

33 It was never dubbed Daylight to save Time.


Daylight isn’t the just thing gift saved. The ax Daylight saving Time is likewise saving the use of the 2nd “s.” That’s right, it was never ever Daylight savings Time.

The actual variation sounds more grammatically correct, yet that doesn’t define why for this reason many people remember the incorrectly.

34 “Looney Toons” is in reality “Looney Tunes.”


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They’re cartoon characters. Castle don’t sing or have actually special musical abilities. For this reason we’re just as baffled once it pertains to “Looney Toons” actually being dubbed “Looney Tunes.”

Apparently Walt Disney based “Looney Tunes” off the musical series “Silly Simphonies” – in this universe, in ~ least.

35 when Jaws pops increase he says, “You’re gonna require a larger boat.”

Apparently Roy was planning on paris or teleporting out of the situation.

When Jaws shows up because that the very first time in this above scene, he says, “You’re gonna require a enlarge boat” rather of “We’re gonna need a larger boat.”

It’s odd the he wouldn’t encompass himself in the danger, but nevertheless, he deems the substantial man-eater lurking in the waters below as who else’s problem.

36 Pixie Stix is in reality spelled Pixy Stix.


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People remember Pixy Stix spelled favor a fairy’s sugary treat. However, Pixie Stix never ever existed.

Those adhering to the Mandela impact aren’t the only ones getting this wrong. Famous retailers disagreement Tree and Kmart advertise the product as Pixie Stix, despite the picture plainly spelling Pixy through a “y.”

37 Chartreuse isn’t rose-colored choose everyone thought.


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If friend think chartreuse is a pinkish violet shade, i m really sorry to call you, yet you’re not correct again. The actual shade is a yellowish green.

The color is clearly seen ~ above Chartreuse liquor, which has been around since the late 1700s. But, it’s weird to think we’ve to be mistaking the color for for this reason long.

38 It’s actually Febreze no Febreeze.


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The air freshener brand is intended to carry a new breeze to her house, but its actual name is Febreze. It just doesn’t look ideal for the solitary “e” to do the double “ee” sound.

However, possibly the squiggly line on top is claimed to indicate it’s a lengthy “e.”

39 Skechers doesn’t have a “t.”


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We’re reasoning this one sounds pretty sketchy due to the fact that Skechers no longer has the “t” plenty of remember. The popular shoe brand has constantly been “Skechers.”

Don’t believe us? type it into Google and you will view no pair of shoes or brand logos save on computer the “t.”

40 Gene Wilder is dead again.


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Like the original Mandela Effect, numerous think Gene Wilder is yet one more example the Nelson Mandela’s multiple deaths.

Online Redditors remember Wilder dice a couple of years back, through “Willy Wonka” played on TV in memory of him. He actually passed away in Aug. 2016.

41 Those onion chips space Funyuns not Funyons.


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The well-known chip is recognized for its one shape and also onion flavor, but there seems to be one distinct adjust to how human being remember that is packaging.

While that circular shape and also play on words onion was likewise once emphasized in the title “Funyons,” it currently no much longer exists. In this timeline, it’s always been “Funyuns.”

42 It’s always been Mike and also Ike.


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In April 2012, Mike and Ike made headlines due to the fact that its ad campaign featured the renowned duo “breaking-up.” But, the tiny joke around the candy isn’t the just thing recording people’s eye.

Many mental the brand being referred to as Mike ‘n Ike and also can clearly picture it on the box. But, if you look now, the “‘N” is plainly “and.”

43 The portrait of King Henry VIII eating a turkey leg doesn’t exist.


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Think ago to her high school background class for this one. World claim that when learning about Henry VIII, the information that stood out – along with his obsession with having multiple wives – to be an top portrait.

In this painting, they claim he was holding a turkey’s leg. We’re phone call foul top top this one because turkey wasn’t brought to his nation during his time period. However, it’s feasible people room remembering the foot right and just gaining the animal wrong.

Either way, the painting currently doesn’t display him stop a bird foot of any type of sort.

44 It’s in reality Rubik’s cube no Rubix cube.


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As a child, the toy the stumped a many of youngsters was the Rubix cube. It didn’t issue which method you turned and also twisted, the correct shade pattern seemed difficult to achieve.

It likewise seems impossible that the toy’s actual surname is Rubik’s cube.

45 That well-known kid’s arcade is lining E. Cheese’s.


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Going come the renowned arcade to eat pizza and jump in the sphere pit to be a favorite past time of numerous ’90s kids. However, the well-known birthday arena to be never dubbed Chuck E. Cheese.

It’s constantly been lining E. Cheese’s. We’re still refusing to think this is true, however if that is, our brains definitely automatically corrected an awkward title.

46 Cup ‘O’ Noodles is in reality Cup Noodles.


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Every college student’s go-to dinner seems to have a brand-new name. If we once remembered our microwavable noodle brand together Cup ‘O Noodles, it’s actually just Cup Noodles.

Say it out loud. It sound so uncomfortable!

47 It’s not double Stuffed or dual Stuff Oreos, it’s twin Stuf Oreos.


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The assignment on this will make friend cringe. Dual Stuffed Oreos aren’t stuffed or even twin Stuff, they’re dual Stuf Oreos.

This may be another case of intentionally misspelling a title to garner a trademark. But, it’s so weird to look at. It also may be to save the brand from gaining sued due to the fact that these Oreos don’t actually contain twin the creme stuffing.

48 referee Judy never ever used a gavel on she show.


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Staying residence sick from institution was worth it if you could flip on “Judge Judy” and also see she berate the defendants. Countless remember her maintaining order in the court by swinging her gavel against the podium.

However, not once in that is 21 periods will you check out the popular judge v a gavel.

Well, now it’s time for a significant binge sesh.

49 Tweedle Dee and also Tweedle Dum have green flags on your hats no propellers.


“Alice in Wonderland” produced plenty of memorable characters. From Alice in her iconic blue dress to the Cheshire Cat, the personalities have to be reproduced in tons of memorabilia and even tattoos ~ above people’s skin.

This has Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

However, there’s one detail countless are getting wrong. The pair never had actually propellers top top the optimal of their hats. In reality, lock had eco-friendly flags.

50 Tom Cruise isn’t put on a white dress shirt or sunglasses in the “Risky Business” dance scene.

If you’ve been to a Halloween party in the past 10 years, you’ve likely seen who dressed in a white men’s dress shirt and also sunglasses. They’re Tom Cruise from the above “Risky Business” run scene, the course.

Only, that’s no what he was wearing in the movie.

As you can see from watching the scene, the is put on a pink pinstriped shirt and no shades, although he does undertake sunglasses transparent the rest of the movie.

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If you’re right now having an existential crisis, don’t worry, we entirely are, too.