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"What perform You typical You Forgot the Chicken Nuggets" is a LOLcat photo macro series based on pictures of cats looking disappointed or unamused (because you forgot the chicken nuggets). Likewise see: X is not amused.


The earliest known instance of the "Chicken Nuggets" inscription can be discovered in a YouTube video uploaded on September 21st, 2006, featuring photo of serious Cat, a famous LOLcat that came to be popular about the exact same time, and also a voicedub ranting around the absence of chicken nuggets.


Throughout 2006, the phrase came to be closely associated with with major Cat image macros ~ above 4chan<1>, as well as spawning a range of animated videos on YouTube<2>. The macro collection continued come propagate v LOLcat hubsites favor Cheezburger<3> and also LOLcatz<4>, if the phrase came to be a object of conversation on forums prefer Yahoo Answers<5>, something Awful<6> and also eBaums World<7>. There is additionally a facebook Page<8> devoted to the man YouTube video, despite it has a minimal number that followers.

Video Derivatives

On may 5th, 2010, YouTuber piepuppy89 posted a quick cartoon featuring a boy and also Serious Cat in the layout of Japanese computer animation short collection Mameshiba<9>:

On July 16th, 2010, YouTuber dn3633 uploaded a dramatic version of piepuppy89"s "What do You typical You Forgot the Chicken Nuggets" video, featuring the soundtrack from the 2002 British fear film 28 job Later:

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External References

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