morse password requires series of short and also long beeps (dashes and also dots) together to kind letters.

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while you can kind of number out was is meant to be a dash, you cant tell the difference in between the dashes and also spaces. I actually tried to number out a couple of and tried different versions yet none of them made any kind of sense.

not to mention that last thing at the beginning was absolutely not detonator, or that wasn"t doing it right, do the rest of it difficult to decipher at any type of rate.


The Office Morse Code?

Morse code is supplied in "audio", not "visual" form, and also has to it is in learnt by doing it. In 1942 I spent 18 main in the navy "Wireless School" in Aberdeen, where, Monday to Friday,from 0800 to 1500 us sat through headphones on, acquisition down occasionally as much as 2 chapters of publications like "Westward Ho!" non-stop, sent out by retired write-up Office telegraphists. We began at 5 words every minute, and also went up 1 wpm every week, through a test on Saturday mornings. If girlfriend failed that, you to be put ago a class. And since there was no leaving till you"d properly completed the Course, no-one failure ! standard Naval operating rate was 18 wpm, yet we go a more 6 weeks in ~ Ayr, taking us up come 26. "You"ve got to be able to read and transmit under any conditions" we were told, " in violent storms, in action when the ship"s top top fire or sinking, or you"re hurt - you"ve gained to be able to do it rather automatically. And also you"ll never forget it because that the rest of her lives." castle were best ! i was lucky together regards fire and sinking, yet the Asdic Trawler in which I served would roll close top top 45 degrees, with second corkscrew" pitching motion, as soon as bringing the seaside Convoy ring Land"s finish in one Atlantic gale, and also during the D-Day to work we had to work twin watches - 8 hours on, 4 hours off - on the British and also American frequencies, so that by the finish we to be "asleep on our feet" - it had to be automatic. And also now, advertise 90, I have the right to still review 10/12 wpm without difficulty.

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I agree that it was challenging to understand. Pam"s sending out was the best. She sent

SE HE it . I wonder if they were attempting come send "That"s what she said"?

They were no using real Morse Code. They might not use pen clicks due to the fact that it might not develop dashes. And also you can not tap "detonater" that fast the means they were claiming to do. -.. . - --- -. .- - . .-.

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