The Blacklist: What walk Reddington whisper To Kirk Theories one of the best mysteries of The Blacklist is what did Red whisper to Alexander Kirk in season 4 to conserve his life? below are few of the theories.

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It"s among The Blacklist"s most enduring mysteries but what did Red whisper to Kirk during his season 4 torture that spared his life? The Blacklist is NBC"s long-running thriller collection that kicked turn off in 2013. The show started with understand criminal Raymond Reddington (James Spader, Stargate) transforming himself right into the FBI. Reddington additionally offers to aid catch various other wanted criminals, however in exchange because that his help, he states he will certainly only work-related with a young agent called Elizabeth crawl (Megan Boon).

The bulk of The Blacklist follows Red and Liz as they hunt down criminals, despite the precise relationship in between the two was a resource of consistent speculation throughout countless seasons. Plenty of fans guess Red was Elizabeth"s father - in spite of his denials - but in maintaining with The Blacklist"s twisty narrative, the real answer was much more complicated. The display has been a reputable hit because that NBC and has run for seven seasons therefore far. It additionally spawned a short-lived spinoff with 2017"s The Blacklist: Redemption certification Ryan Eggold and Famke Janssen.

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After teasing it the end for years, The Blacklist revealed Reddington actually is Liz"s dad - however the genuine Reddington is dead, and the guy she knows is one imposter that took his place years ago. Liz shot the real Red together a really young child as soon as he was attacking her mother Katarina Rostov, and he passed away of his wounds. The guy posing together Red is Ilya Koslov, a friend, and also lover of Katarina who has actually been protecting Liz throughout she life. Among the greatest mysteries presented by the display came in season 4 episode "Dr. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion," whereby Liz"s stepfather Alexander Kirk - AKA Constantin Rostov - is around to death Red, who then whispers something so shocking it stop him in his tracks.

For context, Kirk has a rare blood condition and demands transfusions come live, and wants to recognize if Liz is yes, really his child since she"d be a great donor. This episode of The Blacklist had Red seemingly confess he is Liz"s dad - though due to the fact that he revealed this under torture the wasn"t known how truthful the was. As soon as Red later whispers other in Kirk"s ear he stop in shock, however to date, the show hasn"t revealed what to be said. The biggest fan concept was the Red revealed he to be Katarina and underwent surgery to transform right into Red, though creator Jon Bokenkamp himself appeared to dismiss this concept after the episode aired.

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Other theories had actually Red telling Rostov the Katarina was lively after her an alleged suicide, or that he and also Rostov are related too. The Blacklist season 6 ultimately revealed that Katarina is alive, for this reason it"s most likely this is what Red called Rostov. It"s also possible he just told him some outrageous lie to preventive his own life in the moment, but since Rostov"s fate is quiet unconfirmed, he may reappear throughout season 7 and also the collection can lastly reveal what Reddington whispered.