Fortnite: battle Royale’s Season 8 Discovery challenges continue in week 3 with a fun new loading display inspired by Indiana Jones, other than this time around, the the female Sidewinder skin stealing some treasure from an ancient ruin.

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Week 3 kicked off Thursday morning a little bit later than usual, yet once players complete seven new challenges — favor finding whereby the magnifying glass sits on the sweetheart map loading screen — they’ll have the ability to claim a mystery battle star.

Similar come Snowfall in Season 7, discovery awards any kind of player who completes all seven weekly obstacles with a an enig loading display leading to a battle star or covert banner. Doing all of this is a most work, however for the most committed Fortnite players, it’s essential.

The 3rd Discovery loading screen features Sidewinder, the red-eyed snake-charmer, thefts a gold snake statue indigenous a shrine together arrows whiz by her head, no doubt prompted from some type of trap. There space some serious Indiana Jones vibes here.


In the lower-left corner of the map is the clue we need, painted top top the wall in white. It mirrors a presumably different shrine, yet one the players might’ve noticed since the start of Season 8.


Note the 2 distinct animal statues. The fight star is located at the bottom the the steps.Epic Games

This particular location bears similar architecture to clear Steps, however it’s actually situated a an excellent distance come the south, east of the volcano. The shrine deals with east and also is in ~ the finish of a dirt route that’s clearly shows from the map and also the sky. The mystery battle star will appear at the bottom the the steps, so if girlfriend think it looks favor a face, it is on the pointer of the nose.


For anyone the needs certain guidance, the video clip at the peak of this write-up from YouTuber garandhero provides a neat and really clear demonstration. (Be sure to check out his YouTube web page for even more Fortnite videos).

Unlike Snowfall, with discovery players can finish all the challenges from any week to unlock the next loading screen and therefore the an enig prize. Before, specific challenge sets corresponded to specific loading screens. The difference here solid matters because that the more hardcore players, yet for anyone that waits until the finish of the season to complete all your challenges and also get the loading display prizes, the whole process has end up being just a tiny bit easier.

Based ~ above the in-game countdown come the end of Season 8, players have actually until Wednesday, may 8 to complete this and other challenges.

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Fortnite: battle Royale Season 8, week 4 should begin the morning the Thursday, march 21.