Ghost"s constant lies and betrayals have actually put that in a position where he"s essentially all by himself and also that to be made painfully clear on Power Season 6 illustration 2. 

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Throughout the series, Ghost was always annoyingly front of the game most the the time. He to be able to acquire himself out of sticky cases with the help of his family, but his family members is gone. 

They may still be breathing, however they room gone. Both Tasha and also Tariq withheld information from Ghost discovering that it might potentially acquire him killed, and they walk it without batting one eyelash. 

That"s how far Ghost has actually fallen. The walked around for a totality episode foolishly thinking Tommy to be dead once everyone and also their mom knew that wasn"t. 

Proctor: It"s an excellent for everyone that Tommy"s gone. I recognize I"m gonna sleep better. Ghost: He was my fucking finest friend, man. He to be my brother. Proctor: I"d to speak I"m sorry for your loss, but you"re the one that pulled the trigger. Ghost: I had actually no choice. I had actually to carry out it. So, currently I"ve shed both Tommy and Angela in three days.

Remember the days where killings would certainly take place and also Ghost or Tommy would market up a straightforward " It"s handled" in regards come the murders? Those work are long gone. 


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Ghost waltzed right into Proctor"s apartment and also Tariq"s dorm room and just admitted to death Tommy favor he was telling them he stole a sweater. 

The old Ghost was never THIS forthright, and also as always the main reason is to safeguard himself, however he has to feel as if gift somewhat honest is the only method to salvage his connection with Tariq. 


And it may have been if he wasn"t still lying if confessing.

If Ghost had actually been honest around why Tommy was trying to kill him in the very first place, that would have been interesting to see if Tariq would have been more open v him. 

Tariq has significant identity issues and a feeling like he doesn"t understand who he is or whereby he belongs. His partnership with Kanan was distinct to him since Kanan let him do decisions for himself and also didn"t tell the what he required to do and also where he necessary to be every while lying to him. 


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Ghost and Tasha always believed they were doing the right thing by lying to Tariq and also shielding the from things, however instead, Tariq just branded them, liars. And Ghost especially proceeds to lie come him. 

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At this point, Tariq is top top Tommy"s side and Ghost doesn"t also know it.

The dissolved of the St. Patrick marriage is for the best, yet it"s apparent they still need each other in particular ways. And that was shown by the unified front they placed on at Angela"s funeral. 


The tense throughout that funeral was crazy intense. And also Saxe, Tameka, and also Jerry watching native the sidelines choose the couldn"t believe their eyes was a moment. 

Paz"s decision to ask Angela"s burner phone was for the best. Angela was far from clean, but exposing the call which would inevitably disclose a lot of other points would cripple Angela"s legacy and her memory. 

Angela paid the can be fried price, and she deserves to remainder in tranquility now. 

With the protection from the Serbs, Tommy is emotion invincible, however he should know much better than come taunt Ghost in the matter. Ghost is a desperate man, and also Tommy to know that. 

Although, Jason trying come play Ghost and Tommy versus one one more for money is other that may come back to bite him. 

If this season is ever going to view Ghost and Tommy top top the same team again, it will certainly be due to the fact that of money and whatever is in their finest interest. 

If lock both feel favor Jason is bamboozling them, they may come together and decide that taking him out is much better than one or both of them gift dead. 

There"s likewise the looming Dre risk that can have major implications for everyone. He knows everything about everything. 

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And currently that he to know Angela is dead and also he doesn"t have actually that protection from her, he may think the much better option is to lug down Ghost and Tommy. 

Speaking the Tommy, what is the going come do about Keisha? 

Keisha is do her demands pretty clear and Tommy isn"t listening. He isn"t cut Keisha off yet, and if he does that could end increase backfiring because that him. 

He deserve to keep to buy Keisha presents as Tasha advised, however will that store him out of the doghouse forever? 

Bringing her additional into the organization may finish up costing him down the line. However Tommy has actually never been great at separating company from personal. 

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Can Proctor"s ex-wife go away? Dragging her bad daughter right into things is terrible. And when Proctor finds out he is going come snap. Ghost thinks he is a lot smarter than Councilman Tate and also it come out throughout that press conference. However Tate is ruthless, and also Ghost would be stunner to underestimate him. Tariq is coming to be quite the small kingpin in ~ his personal school and expanding together well. There"s no way this can go wrong. 2-Bit is simply itching to relocate up in the strength rankings. It"s really clear he wants an ext respect indigenous Tommy, however how is he going to obtain it?Ghost is still therefore ingrained in the drug world I forget he"s no a component of that anymore. But if killing Tommy method he has to get earlier in, the may simply be ready to go there. 

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Things were more subdued this week, but the pieces of the season are beginning to form. 

What do you think Ghost"s next move will be? 

Are you glad Paz made decision to bury Angela"s phone?

Will Dre make it come court to testify? 

As always, drop her comments down listed below and watch power online right now and also keep yourself as much as date!

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Proctor: It"s great for everyone that Tommy"s gone. I recognize I"m gonna sleep better. Ghost: He to be my fucking finest friend, man. He to be my brother. Proctor: I"d to speak I"m i m really sorry for her loss, yet you"re the one who pulled the trigger. Ghost: I had actually no choice. I had actually to do it. So, now I"ve shed both Tommy and Angela in 3 days.

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