Zell overshadows Misster Ray"s event with a team Alexis party. Moniece and Misster beam go come Zell"s party to check out what all the noise is about. Watch all the drama open minded Monday + 8/7c only on jamesmerse.com!

Booby consoles Brooke after ~ Marcus storms into their studio session. Now that Booby and Brooke have actually kissed, what"s next for the two?

Misster ray + Masika fulfill for pedicures. Misster Ray lets Masika know what went under at Lyrica’s event.

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Moniece, Zell, and Misster ray share your thoughts ~ above what went down at Zell’s team Alexis Skyy party. Bridget Kelly, Marcus, and also A1 react to Brooke and also Booby’s rehearsal.
Moniece apologies come Tiffany, however Tiffany won"t apologize to Moniece. Tiffany and also Moniece air out some of A.D.’s dirty laundry.
Fizz fills Safaree in on every the drama that went down. Safaree vents to Fizz about how difficult it is detect love in L.A.
Hazel-E, Chanel, A1 and also Marcus rewatch Chanel’s attempt to collaborate v A1 and also Marcus in the studio. Brooke and Bridget Kelly share their thoughts on what went down at Booby’s show case.
Fizz is came to when his son calls crying. Is Moniece"s connection with A.D. Damaging her connection with her son.
After Masika stops Zell from a styling gig, Zell throw insults and also accusations about Masika’s financial status.
A1 and Marcus share their thoughts ~ above Brooke and Hazel-E’s sit down. Zell and Moniece reaction to A.D. Dance on Alexis Skyy.
Alexis and Zell obtain in the studio to get out their frustrations around Masika and also Misster Ray. Check out it all go under Monday + 8/7c just on jamesmerse.com!
The 305 far better get ready to role out the red carpet because that Joseline Hernandez ~ above Season 3 of Love & i know well Hop Miami, premiering January 6.
The two-episode Season 3 premiere kicks off v Blueface matches Dreamdoll and Clarence White versus Queen Naija this Tuesday 8/7c.
Watch KP and also his artists" cumulative turn their city roughly through ink, music and also opportunities when Black ink Crew Compton premieres top top Wednesday, august 14, at 10/9c.
Ceaser and also his crew find out you can"t the shade the previous on a brand-new season of black Ink Crew starting Wednesday, august 14 in ~ 9/8c.

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Ice Cube, Nene Leakes, DC Young Fly, Tamar Braxton, ray J and much more return on a new season of hip Hop Squares starting August 13.