Salvage is a very common resource in Warframe. It’s used to craft Warframes, weapons and some other kinds of equipment.

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You can farm it in missions to get a reasonable amount but it’s important to pick the right place to farm.

To accumulate salvage, farm on Jupiter, Mars, the Kuva Fortress, or Sedna.

Jupiter is especially good because you can get Neural Sensors there at the same time. Mars is also worthwhile because there aren’t many enemies.

Best Places & Missions for Salvage Farming

Let’s take a look at some of the missions which are best for salvage farming.

Elara – Jupiter (Survival)

This is a low level mission and you don’t find the Corpus enemies presenting much of a threat. Elara is like a non-Infected version of Cameria.

Wahiba – Mars (Survival)

The number of enemies depends how many in your squad, so it doesn’t matter too much if you do this mission solo or with a few friends.

There is a 20% increase in drop rate with Wahiba which is also beneficial.

Wahiba is great because it has a low level yet yields a good amount of resources.

Tips for Salvage Farming

Choose any survival level on planets that have Salvage and you can expect to get a few thousand units. Try Jupiter, Sedna or Mars, especially the Infested mission on Mars.

Remember to bring Thief’s Wit to help you or Master Thief if you have found it. To maximize farming, bring a couple of friends along. This means you can farm for longer. It’s easier to farm with a squad than solo.

Once you know where it’s best to go and how to farm Salvage in Warframe you will find it easy. Simply choose a mission that allows you to kill a steady flow of the enemy.

You can get plenty of Salvage in just half an hour or less and it’s going to be a useful resource for you later in the game.

Carme, which is Mobile Defense on Jupiter can drop up to 2000 in one run if you manage to loot every locker and container.

Olympus, which is Disruption on Mars, can drop the same amount. Remember endless missions have more mobs, storage containers and lockers, meaning more chance of finding Salvage.

Callisto (Interception) and Io (Defence), both on Jupiter, can get around 2000 to 2500 per run, making those viable options as well.

There are other missions on Sedna and Amarna but considering the Dark Sector boost on resources is just 25% (only a tiny bit more than Jupiter and Mars) it might not be worth it since they’re tougher missions.


Jupiter and Mars are definitely the best options for Warframe newbies and they’re simpler to farm and you can access them early on in the game.

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Bring a squad with you for the best results but make sure everyone stays relatively close together instead of running about like headless chickens!

There is strength in numbers. So have fun farming Salvage. You will find this resource pretty easy to get compared to many others.