So im still quite underpowered in video game so i usually farm credits at tikal dark sector earth excavation. That usually offered me around 12k per run. However now, tikal only gives like 7k? any type of idea whereelse can i farm credits? *im still far away indigenous high level missions.

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New warns should provide a kinda an increase on credits for low level Tennos. The fusion cores are great too.


just play warns that is best way to have actually fun and not acquire burnout....its no looks like much 10-20k every alert however wen u execute it every job u will notice...


New warns should provide a kinda an increase on credits for low level Tennos. The fusion cores are great too.

For "high" level Tennos ns would think about Hierarcon, seams a pretty solid location for credits at this moment.


I"d also recommend Hieracon, excavate 3 times because that one Axi/Neo keys, 20k~ credits and take around 3~5 min(I guess) every run.Great ar to farm high tier tricks while collecting credits. 

For "high" level Tennos ns would take into consideration Hierarcon, seams a quite solid location for credits at this moment.


Even if you space low MR with mediocre equipment, there room often human being running Hieracon at any kind of given time that deserve to easily bring you.

Hieracon offers ~12 000 credist per run for me. (Without a paid booster of course)Thats a bull** for credits agriculture imho.1. How do you get the advertised 20k ?2. There really ins"t a far better location ?

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I acquired 14.4k mission reward each time ns ran 1 excavator and also extract on hieracon . If u encompass the credit caches which is usually 4 or 5k u will certainly get approximately 20k if u add the credits u obtain in game also . But if u obtain 5 r5 combination cores rather of a credit cache, i think it is still quite worth it tbh.Unfortunately , if u get 12k per operation for ns dont recognize what reason , the is still among the best credit farms out over there right now as DE nerfed it.

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Like ashrah said, Akkad on Eris is absolutely a an excellent way come go. Remain for the an easy 5 rounds, come out through ~25,000 credits guaranteed. (22,000 mission prize + a couple of from enemies). 4 runs because that 100,000 isn"t a terrible means to go, and they"re quick.

So im still fairly underpowered in game so i generally farm credits in ~ tikal dark sector planet excavation. It usually provided me around 12k every run. Yet now, tikal only offers like 7k? any idea whereelse can i farm credits? *im still much away from high level missions.

I often tend to usage Sechura, pick increase 25k every run. I had a 2 hour login booster, a randomer in my video game & acquired 100k native a run last night. Not sure how?


Hieracon is prob quicker than 5 waves of a def but I just prefer jumping to among my for sure spots & hammering the pod with my kulstar :)

I walk to Gabii ~ above Ceres (DS). You gain 20K because that a low level (15-20) infested survival run so that"s rather easy, with a cred boost i usually end up with approximately 50K every 5 mins. Ns usually execute it for an hour everyday and also end up with 500K or so.

Typically for me, excavation goals are really an excellent because of this reasons:

A: If you"re in a complete squad climate they"ll be several enemies, therefore lot"s the drops.

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B: girlfriend can uncover caches after finishing a succesful excavation; something choose a 2500 credit cache(which i have gotten many times)

Because of this things, even on really low level excavation objectives you can obtain 20000+ credits simply by acquiring 10 100% successful excavations v a full squad

I hoped this helped!

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