This resource is something friend will have to craft weapons, warframes and so on. Orokin cells are fairly rare and most planets won’t have any.

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This deserve to make lock tricky to farm. Only three planets have this resource in your drop tables.

You deserve to farm Orokin cells by doing objectives where they can be dropped. Kill enemies in the goals you gain on those planets or target the details bosses which autumn this resource.

Try missions on Ceres prefer Seimeni or Gabii, or farm yard Saturn’s basic Sargus Ruk.

Where To farm Orokin Cells

Ceres, Derelict and Saturn room the 3 planets wherein you can get Orokin Cells. Progress through the game to obtain to Ceres.

Orokin cabinet farming – basic Sargas Ruk

You also have the opportunity of recognize Orokin cell Arrays, i beg your pardon contain Orokin Cells.

So in enhancement to acquiring this source from Sargas Ruk plus opponents in the Saturn missions, you deserve to do this.

#2 Ceres (Gabii): Dark Sector: Survival

Go come Gabii top top Ceres for one more chance to gain Orokin Cells. This is a an excellent choice if you have warframes which have the right to force enemies to drop loot.

Although other resources have a greater drop price than the Orokin Cells, however they will certainly drop periodically, especially if you’re utilizing a farming warframe.

How execute you gain Orokin Cells early on in Warframe? Look in ~ Ceres in this case, since it come after Mars and when you’re an initial setting out it’s easy to gain to.

Because the Gabii gift a Dark sector mission, the drop price of Orokin cell is higher that with most of the other objectives on Ceres.

#3 Ceres (Semieni): Dark Sector: Defence

This is a defense mission which enables you to discover Orokin Cells. You room pitted versus the infested and they will all hurry towards the defensive target.

This allows you kill them with family member ease, and also then they will certainly drop Orokin Cells.

Bring a resource-farming warframe along, possibly Nekros, to raise the odds of acquiring Orokin Cells.

This isn’t the quickest method to acquire the resource, but it’s a viable alternative if you desire a beginner’s location. That is also great for obtaining Credits.

#4 Orokin Derelict Survival: Derelict

There is the opportunity of getting Orokin Cells when doing this mission. Various other Derelict missions include Neurods, Nano Spores and Mutagen Mass.

Farm this mission in Derelict because there space plenty of spawning enemies.

After the an initial rotation you can leave at any kind of time. This no the quickest way to obtain Orokin Cells but it’s still worth doing, especially due to the fact that you can gather various other resources together well.


Saturn is the most well-known option the end of the three planets, because of the Tethys mission. In addition, there are many Cell Arrays you can acquire there between missions.

If you can not farm basic Sargas Ruk yet, go to Seimeni or Gabii on Ceres, both of i beg your pardon are likely to yield Orokin Cells.

There room Orokin cell in Derelict’s drop list but there aren’t any type of Dark sector missions, for this reason it probably isn’t precious the bother unless you’re additionally on the lookout for various other resources.

Farm Gabii ~ above Ceres or repeatedly kill basic Sargus Ruk on Saturn to farm the most Orokin Cells.

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You can additionally buy an Orokin cell blueprint indigenous the market. This will cost 100 Platinum. Due to the fact that Orokin cell are basic to farm, it isn’t really worth considering this purchase.