In the past, trying to acquire and also improve an excellent TWD Fighters has actually been a frustrating process. Us made some renovations in the S-class people by presenting progression and collection methods for S-class cards, offering progress towards older battle aircraft in tournaments, and also providing new characters v events.

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However, we don’t think the S-Class card collection experience is hitting the mark — it is too long of a grind to gain content, with very little payoff till the really end. Progressively collecting thousands of cards because that months before you can also play v a Fighter is no fun. S-Class fighters also require too lot gear and too many trainers for too small gain.

We’re aiming come fix every one of that through the occupation update, while doubling under on what’s been working. In a mobile RPG, you as a player must feel favor you have the capability over time to collection the personalities you desire – and also then choose which ones girlfriend level up and also put ~ above your best teams.


The wade Dead Meta is an evolving endure that goes through its ups and also downs. We’ve seen very first hand how frustrating it deserve to be once the meta is stale and everyone has actually the very same Fighters. We’ve also seen how daunting it deserve to be when a couple of newer Fighters room massively overpowered, with jack of every trade skills that invalidate the require for thoughtful team construction.

The conquest Update comes through a reimagining of exactly how we together a advancement team think around our Fighter designs. Brand-new Fighters in the occupation update will still be designed to it is in awesome and exciting, however they are also designed with particular combat objectives in mind. We desire to avoid instances where a new character is the ideal at everything, however rather, style each character kit through the intent of accomplishing a specific, niche score in combat, and not have these Fighters limited to a narrow group of players. Ours ultimate architecture philosophy in the Conquest human being is: “Every character has a purpose”.

Our equipment to both problems: Mythic Fighters! We understand you have actually lots that questions. Ours summary video below and also the rest of this blog article describe what Mythic battle aircraft are, and why they space different. However, you can read much more about exactly how you’ll obtain Mythic battle aircraft on work 1, and also how every the progress you’ve made in the S-Class and 6-Star world will be valued and also preserved HERE


After acquisition a lengthy look at the S-Class personality meta and systems, we concerned the conclusion the the only means we can fix numerous of the issues we confront today is through presenting a new rarity the fighters called Mythic.

With Mythic Fighters, we plan to attend to many of the difficulties in getting Fighters that we view in the game today. Mythic fighters will have a different release cadence than S-class, will enhance in a much more accessible way, and also will be useful and also relevant throughout different game settings for a lengthy time. We desire you to take her Mythic Fighters with you throughout her RTS journey.


We likewise wanted to lug the meta earlier into a player friendly state, streamline the combat roles that fighters fill, and also create a much less frustrating and also more financially rewarding Fighter acquisition process. Mythic Fighters will certainly have greater stats 보다 S-class in ~ max level, and also a ton of new and amazing abilities.


Mythic Grades

Mythic Fighters make use of a brand-new Grade mechanism that incorporates Ascension right into powering up your fighters lot of times. Every Mythic fighter will start at grade 1 and also can be ascended to higher Grades i beg your pardon unlock an ext powerful abilities and greater level hat – and also unlike 5* and also 6* fighters, over there is no level requirement to Ascend Mythics! in ~ launch, yellow Mythics will have the ability to reach class 5.

Grade 1 – 200 Level CapGrade 2 – 300 Level CapGrade 3 – 400 Level CapGrade 4 – 500 Level CapGrade 5 – 600 Level Cap

Each time you ascend your Mythic fighter come a new Grade, they will certainly be instantly granted a Rush, Signature Move, or Passive improvement, and unlock accessibility to a brand-new Mythic skill Upgrade!

Signature Moves

Signature moves will change Legendary Active an abilities on Mythic Fighters, and are our equipment to countless of the troubles Active skills may have in video game today.

SM’s (Signature Moves) will generate AP regardless of if the skill is cleansing, healing, or act damage. This way nearly every time they space off cooldown, friend will desire to use themSM’s room designed to be provided much an ext effectively by the AI whether on defense or throughout AutoplaySM’s on average have shorter cooldowns and also initial cooldowns, therefore you can use lock a lot an ext frequentlySM’s have a ton of new, awesome means to change combat. Some instance SM’s are:“Attack an opponent for 115%. Recover Daze from approximately 2 teammates”“Attack an adversary for 200% damage and cause 30% infection to one other enemy for 2 turns”

Mythic abilities (Skill Upgrades)

Every Mythic Fighter will have actually a range of brand-new Mythic passive abilities that make them much more complete and also battle all set than ever before.

Each fighter will have multiple passives the are distinct to the fighterPassives abilities room designed to do the fighter better at their role, even if it is it be staying clear of healing or tanking damages for various other fighters

New Passive skills and capacity improvements will be unlocked top top ascending Mythic fighters to greater Grades.

Some an abilities will be instantly granted together you Ascend your mythic fightersSome skills will it is in unlocked and also will have to be leveled increase individually

Role certain Skills

Each combat function (Damage, Medic, Tank, Support, and the new Control role) is designed to excel at its major function, and also not exceed the bounds of what it to be designed come do. Ever before thought the the best damage character in the video game was in reality a support duty character? not anymore! here are the role specific Fighter Skills:

Damage: straightforward attack damage increaseMedic: component of healing excellent is convert to extra bonus HPTank: Crit ResistanceSupport: reduced chance to cause enemy weapon effects, and have enemy weapon effects create on themControl: chance to pierce through resistances

Comic Character inspired Designs

We desire each fighter to match their personality in the comics, and also their combat abilities are designed come reflect that. Our awesome new dossiers will showcase the fighter personalities, through all brand-new unique art and also all brand-new unique skill icons.


Silver and Gold Mythic Fighters

There room two types of Mythic Fighters, Silver and also Gold.

Silver Fighters:


Silver Mythics have the right to be ascended approximately Grade 4, and will fill an effective niche functions on your various combat teams. These fighters will likewise prove incredibly an important in various Trait, Role, and also Fighter specific game modes. Don’t underestimate this fighters in combat!

Silver characters will have slightly less base stats than Gold since they can only with Grade 4. Silver Mythics have the right to be an unified together to make them even an ext powerful, and also then more fused into your gold Mythics to do those fighters also stronger! all 6* battle aircraft (non S-class) can be ascended into a random silver Mythic that the same trait. There will be 12 total Silver Mythics on beginning day, and also we perform not currently plan on introducing any more.

Gold Fighters:


Gold Mythics deserve to be ascended as much as Grade 5, and will comprise the bulk of your powerful teams. Yellow Fighters will use Silver Mythics as their major Ascension material, and will require a duplicate copy that the fighter to with Grade 5. Due to the fact that Gold Fighters deserve to reach a greater Grade, they can reach higher stats than Silvers, and have accessibility to an ext skill improvements. Over there will be over 30 new Gold Mythics on start day!

A note on Silver and also Gold Fighters: players of all varieties of engagement and play styles will have access to a healthy mix the both Silver and also Gold Mythic Fighters. Gold fighters will not it is in “premium”, and also Silver Fighters will certainly not be “free” – each kind of personality is necessary to progress.

Staying The same – Leveling, Gear, and Skill improvements

Mythic fighters will proceed to be leveled v trainers and also require largely existing gear to bypass milestone tiers. Our intent is that Mythic characters will call for less gear and fewer trainers 보다 S-Class every level, and that gear and trainers will certainly be significantly much easier to attain than before through the many other update we’re making with this release, including human being Map grindable drops and new Training Grounds.


Leader skill Update

We feel that the current Leader skills on S-class characters limit team creation. For that reason, every Mythic Fighter Leader skills at launch will certainly be rainbow leader (affecting all teammates) and also have decreased stat gains. Feel complimentary to even experiment there is no leaders on her team!

For these reasons, every allied S-class leader skills will only affect S-class rarity characters and below. Every Mythic Leader skills will influence all fighters.


Duplicate Fighters

We’ve viewed that sometimes the best strategy is to ridge multiple the the exact same character top top a team – us don’t think that’s an extremely fun, and it boundaries what we have the right to do v character designs. For this reason, you can only put among each Mythic Fighter ~ above a team. Yet don’t worry, extra duplicates of the fighter friend may acquire can it is in fused into the original character to make it stronger!

Revive Update

Revived personalities will no longer have the ability to come ago to life with full AP. Instead, they will certainly revive v a maximum of 50% AP and be able to take their turn. This adjust applies to all personalities of all rarities.

AP Update

We are totally removing AP gains from all Mythic Leader skills, and to compensate, decreasing every Mythic Adrenaline sirloin speeds by 10 AP! This way that Mythic personalities will rush on the very same turns together S-class, yet you no much longer need to have actually an AP leader.

Combat mode Updates

We desire your Combat mods to be simply as efficient on Mythic Fighters together they room on legendary fighters. To accomplish this, we will certainly be transforming all base stat mods from flat stats to percent based increases in this update. Don’t problem – girlfriend don’t have to do anything, her mods will automatically update for you! Nothing alters in just how mod stats room calculated, they will certainly now just be percent gains indigenous your personalities base stats. This means that your Mods will grant comparable stat gains for present S-class Fighters and give you even much more stats because that Mythics!

Bleed/Burn Changes

Similar come Combat Mods, we will be an altering Mythic, do Weapon, and also Mod damages Over Time impacts to be percent based. Bleed and also Burn will certainly still use flat worths that space not adjusted by damage reduction, but it may be as a % of assault or sometimes also HP. 

Example: deal 10% of this character’s strike in bleed damage for 2 turns.

Team class Update

Your team qualities will no longer be measure up in a letter + number format. Team grade will certainly be calculate the exact same way as before, yet will now be stood for by a flat number. We hope this provides a more granular insight into how strong your teams actually are, and also lets you improve your team grades an ext often.


The work the occupation Update launches, there will be approximately 45 brand-new Gold and also Silver Mythic Fighters accessible that can all be got within the very first week the gameplay – with many much more on the way. We have occurred a careful, player-focused change plan to do this strength jump unlike any previous strength expansions RTS has ever before seen consisting of 6*, Gen 2, and S-class.

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