The story- The brand-new commander in town wants to strike the Gauls. The orders his men to get ready, yet they gather outside the sick bay instead.

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Professor Ibrox explains:

"I count three puns in 2 images. Intricate.

First, the pilum to be the roman javelin. Us all recognize the phrase, "a bitterness pill to swallow".

Second, the company with "holding at bay" and also bayleaf.

Finally, beginning the lists method accepting a challenge - but the legionaries like the noble lists.

I wonder if Anthea Bell and also Derek Hockridge had a running fight to view who might come up v the most puns? and also which of lock won?"



The story- Chastened ~ his very first scrap v the Gauls, the command decides to build a fence around the Gaulish town and trap them inside.



Professor Ibrox explains:

"The very first Roman states "Exegi monumentum aere perennius". It"s more than likely the most renowned quote in all of Latin, other than Veni Vidi Vici. This was claimed by a poet dubbed Horace who assumed his poems weresweet as. It"s about his poems, and it way "I have actually raised a monument much more permanent than bronze." A bit full of himself, yet with good reason. He"d it is in a kind of olden days Kanye West.

"Of course, the reader knows full well the this blockade won"t hold the Gauls within for much longer than that takes Obelix to gain peckish."



The story- A tape of pirates sail in the direction of the ship carrying the Gauls. Seeing Obelix top top board, the pirate captain do the efforts to revolve the delivery around.


Professor Ibrox explains:

"Ah, this is a an excellent one."Victrix causa diis placuit sed victa Catoni"means"The victorious cause pleased the gods, yet the beaten reason pleased Cato."It"s from an additional of those epos poems - this time indigenous a hippy Communist calledLucan. Cato was a well known Roman tree-hugger who shed to JuliusCaesarbut had the moral high ground.

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"You"re supposed to to speak the quote if you"ve lost the fight but you"ve obtained right on your side, favor Falkirk in the "97 final. Therefore it"s amusing because that the pirate to feel hard done by; he"s a pirate!"




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