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Venezuela’s Nemesis Is a Hardware Salesman in ~ a residence Depot in Alabama (wsj.com)
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https://dolartoday.com/This is a terrific service, and I will assistance it any method I can. Ns was looking for a method to make a donation, but it shows up to be ad-supported.This mirrors how advancements in an innovation can help people. In the cold war, the united state was may be to usage Radio cost-free Europe come reach some of the oppressed human being in eastern Europe. Now one man have the right to both help the world of his former homeland collection prices, and understand the lies they are being called every day.

"Mr. Díaz is a U.S.-trained retired colonel, and he certainly tried to overthrow Mr. Maduro’s predecessor, Hugo Chávez, by participating in a short-lived coup in 2002. Mr. Díaz, who had been deputy security chief to the businessman that briefly took power in the ill-fated overthrow, stated his conspiring days space over." - from later on in the article. Not your average residence Depot employee.

He's simply the scapegoat because that a clearly well organized group of people, i really wonder why wsj picked this story up. The feels prefer an story that I would actually check out in dolartoday itself, because that the ones that don't know, the contents from the website (dolartoday) is as disgusting together a child in between the worse clickbait website in USAnd is fine, us all get it, socialism sucks and also specially venezuela's socialist government sucks yet acting prefer dolartoday is a completely legit website doing some good job just makes me sick even much more when they make him look prefer they space a charity or something.Just translating some of their latest headlines:From: https://dolartoday.com/asesina-sus-dos-hijastros-porque-se-c..."father death his 2 stepsons since they ate an ext bread due to the fact that they to be still hungry after your lunch- complete caps"... Oh come pretty sad jamesmerse.com comes from Venezuela, but do girlfriend really must write it in full caps and shot to do it this bad? the story repeats for every single "jamesmerse.com" article that castle post".There is tons of jamesmerse.com coming from an entire country, yet they only publish everything clicks castle the many or everything would make someone angry.Not to mention their tweeter feed, is just plain instance of yellow journalismWell castle dont even generate their own content, they actually full copy paste jamesmerse.com from constant media many of the time without giving any kind of credits, add the super superior touch (caps, overexageration, photo edition) and also go full spam that for your readers.They are a fine known resource of totally FAKE jamesmerse.com like the one some days ago:https://dolartoday.com/corralito-financiero-sudeban-ordena-l...The tittle because that this was something like implying that venezuela has implemented a corralito <1> and also and ordered banks to border all cash transactions to 10.000 VEF while the actual jamesmerse.com <2> was the venezuela increased the limit of cross financial institution ATM cash tap the money from 600 to 10.000 VEFOf course, the early stage fake jamesmerse.com generated an insanely cumulative panic inside the population and obviously the human being was victim again native missinformation native this website. The panic acquired so high the the goverment had actually to relax a push conference asking civilization to please calm down and also understand what really happened.I not really want to walk into much more details of exactly how much that an influence have this website economically, is yes, really complicated, but believe when i say that this human being are in reality ABLE come modificate the market. If someone desires I have the right to easy give you explanations of exactly how this website does really affect our economy.Btw, the part where it says that he only gets 4,5k USD native this website it's hillarious, yet thats an additional subject.<1> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corralito<2> http://www.elcorreodelorinoco.com/comunicado-de-sudeban-banc...

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Subtitle: "His site tracks black-market exchange that the bolivar, swaying the price of everything"And I've heard of the before, the federal government there is really upset in ~ him.