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The Urbz: Sims in the City Cheats for GameCube

free Cash first you need to earn $1,000 Simoleons.Now begin a two player game and create a brand-new character come play v yours. Provide this brand-new created personality $1,000 Simoleons. Have your main character walk somewhere real much doing something else. Now tell her newly produced character to offer your main character $1,000 Simoleons. Perform this as fast as perhaps so the you have this command buiding up. Also though her newly created character will certainly say that he has actually nothing come give, your key character will proceed to take the money acquiring it indigenous nowhere.Do this as lot as you prefer until you have actually all the Simoleons you want.

Contributed by: KMaster

Cheat password

Perform the gnome cheat first, climate perform any other cheats. Wander approximately the district till you uncover the gnome and also then go into the cheats. Every directions room done utilizing the D-Pad. Every code must be entered during gameplay.

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impact Effect Down, Z, Up, Y, R B, Left, X, R, L,A Down,Z,Up,Y,R B, Left, X, R, l L,Y,A,R,Left Down, L, Z, R, X, Left R, Y, Up, Z, under Down, X, Left, R, under R, Z, Down, Y, Y Down, R, Left, X, under Down,Z,R,L,Z
Acquire skill Object
Get All strength Socials
Get all ability objects in 1 cheat password (Use this to obtain the ability objects without having actually to go into all 3 password to acquire each one at one time)
Get power Socials
Jump front 6 hrs (Make that 6 hours later from game time)
Makes Gnome Appear
Max artistic Skill
Max mental Skill
Max physics Skill
Raise Motives
Unlock every districts/Unlock all apatments (Unlock all areas to walk its one easy method earn rep and you deserve to view every apartments)

Contributed by: lucky1313, Nekocatz, m4336m999, kisu_maru

Cheat codes

Perform the gnome cheat first, climate perform any kind of other cheats. Wander roughly the district till you discover the gnome and also then enter the cheats. Every directions space done making use of the D-Pad. Every code should be entered throughout gameplay.

impact Effect at the credits screen,press Up,Down,A,Up,Down,A
Team Photo

Contributed by: electrosho

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The Urbz: Sims in the City Cheats because that PlayStation 2


Enter the codes throughout gameplay.Enter Cheat Gnome first. There will certainly be a sound

impact Effect L1, R2, Right, Square, L3 Circle, L1, L2, R2, R1 R2, R3, L3, L2, R1, L2 L3, R3, R1, R2, one L1, R2, X, Circle, up L1, R1, Down, X, L3 Triangle, R2, L1, X, Square R2, L1, R1, L2, Left, circle L2,R2,UP,Triangle,L3,X Up, Down, X, Up, Down, X
Acquire ability Object
Cheat Gnome
Fast forward 6 hours
Max creative Skill
Max mental Skill
Max physical Skill
Power Socials
Raise Motives
Unlock every socials
View advancement Team

Contributed by: SephMorph, GabriBoss, da007

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FAQ/Walkthrough by SandalphonAngel 46K
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The Urbz: Sims in the City Cheats for Xbox

Misc. Cheat

Perform the "Get Shorty"cheat first, climate perform any type of other cheats you"d prefer available. Wander around the district until you uncover the gnome and also then select the cheat you"d prefer to usage in the game. (All directions room using the dirrection pad not the joysticks)

result Effect Y + under + black color + A + B left trigger + right cause + A + down + black color left + Y + under + A + X R, L, Down, Black, Left, B. left trigger + black color + right + X + left up + under + X + up + under under + black + right + x + left
Art Damaged - Max imaginative Skill
Beefcake - Max physical Skill
Get Shorty - reveals The Cheat Gnome
it rasies mood come perfect
Mad Skillz - get Skill Object
Nerd Herd - Surprize (Perform this cheat native the credits display screen )
Power Hungry - obtain Power Socials

Contributed by: Mumon, yugioh1126

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough by kilroy6677 19K
FAQ/Walkthrough through Al Fez 57K
FAQ/Walkthrough through SandalphonAngel 46K
FAQ/Walkthrough through Elvor 42K

The Urbz: Sims in the City cheat For video game Boy Advance

much more time in Comic explode mini video game

To earn more time in the Comic explosion mini game, when the time is up and there is a flower seize the the flower as soon as the time is up if you execute this best you should have 23H 59M on climate timer.

Contributed by: blue hedgehog

adjust the color of your items

Whenever girlfriend approach an object and an arrow appears on it, push R and also it will change color! Doen"t work with part items though.

Contributed by: GaRaM

Unlock MoonBase Without another Copy of the game

Take 2 gameboyadvances and use a connect cable to connect them. In one gameboy, placed Urbz. In the other, put in the Sims Bustin out. Rotate on both games and go to the multiplayer display located in every game. As soon as it claims it is unlocked ~ above the screen, turn off the game and also turn it earlier on and it have to be prepared to use.

Contributed by: TheCozetaSun

Extra skin/hair tones at start of video game

Of you have the Bod-Mod Booth from completing the Artsies" mission, change your character"s skin/hair tones, climate quit the game. Without transforming off her GBA, go directly to the Create-an-Urb screen and also the urb girlfriend just changed will it is in portrayed along with the skin/hair tones girlfriend chose. This enables you to have the extra skin/hair tones from the really beginning! (Ex: environment-friendly skin through blue hair.) it is in aware, girlfriend can readjust genders and/or hair STYLES, but if you readjust the skintone or the hairtone girlfriend will have to start end if you desire that extra unique urb.

Contributed by: Macowi

Rep Rooms Unlockable Unlockable gain the tenth Artsies rep suggest gain the tenth Nerdies rep allude obtain the tenth Richies rep suggest acquire the tenth Streeties rep suggest
Artsies Rep Room
Nerdies Rep Room
Streeties Rep Room

Contributed by: Arzenicwaves

Unlock mystery Dens

You have the right to unlock certain areas (dens) in which you deserve to store items.

Unlockable Unlockable Reach top relationship with Theresa Bullhorn Reach peak relationship with Phoebe Twiddle Reach peak relationship with Giuseppi Mezzoalto Reach height relationship v Ewan Watahmee
Cinema Booth (Left door in the Cinema)
Garbage can (Left of King Tower)
School Bus (South the Thrift Shop)
Sea cave (North the Bumper cars Minigame)

Contributed by: Gilberto

special Items

These Items deserve to only be found if her pad is an excellent enough for these folks. This Unlockable is no done

Unlockable Unlockable impress Kris Thistle v a Streeties "lookin pad impress Crystal with a Streeties "lookin pad admire Darius with a Streeties "lookin pad
Golden Mop Award
Magic Lamp
Uncle Suede Shizzles Cane

Contributed by: ShadowHearts103

Moon base Zeta

To acquire this attach the Urbz to any type of other Sims gba video game (bustin out, sims 2....) and it will be unlocked.You accessibility it through the telephone crate outside. Just choose "phone home!"

Unlockable Unlockable attach up to another sims video game
moon base zeta

Contributed by: robbin92

Password to acquire into society Xizzle

Enter it when prompted to at the entrance of the club.

result Effect BUCKET
Opens club Xizzle

Contributed by: AC Fanatic

Unlock secret passage come bayou

Get 100 relationship points through Det. Dan D. Mann after return from the bayou to open this passageway.

Unlockable Unlockable have actually top relationship with Det. Dan after return from bayou
Passage come bayou (behind poster next to jail cell)

Contributed by: choshojo

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The Urbz: Sims in the City Cheats because that DS

Password to get in Club Xizzle

Go to club Xizzle ask come enter, type "bucket" and the doorman will let friend in. Additionally you only require to form it once and also he"ll let friend in every time v no hassle.

Contributed by: akuma634

Unlock Moon base Zeta

Purchase a eco-friendly meteorite off web shopping. Then v the meteorite quiet in you pocket, walk to sim Quarter and use the telephone booth. The moon base wherein you have the right to buy the Rocket Bed and Cheese Modulator will currently be unlocked.

Contributed by: Menji

Heidi The Cheat Ninja!

All cheats are purchased native the Cheat Ninja, Heidi Shadows she only shows up in certain places at details times.1a.m. - 2a.m. Usage the time device and travel back to Nov. 28 19842a.m - 3a.m. Carnival4 a.m. - 5a.m. Heaven Island6a.m. -7a.m. Mystery tunnel native jail come dark tree10a.m - 11a.m. Moonbase ZetaItems you can purchase kind Heidi Shadows.Rosebud $100 $2,222 in cashSilver-Tongue Berry Smoothie $999 1 Charisma pointGourmet Berry Smoothie $999 1 cooking pointClock Berry Smoothie $999 1 mechanically pointBuff Berry Smoothie $999 1 body pointMind Berry Smoothie $999 1 reasonable pointDa Vinci Smoothie $999 1 an imaginative pointSlip of record $999 Password for club Xizzle and recipe because that Strawberry Tiramisu

Contributed by: Vegan1

Raise an abilities Faster

While elevating a skill promptly tap the A switch to progressive the skill faster.

Contributed by: dsmastah

cost-free Repair!

When miscellaneous in your home is broken call the fix man and he will repair it. But prior to he completely repairs your item all the method walk the end the door and go earlier in then press the "A" button and also then press "Repair" then when you fix it it will begin off wherein the Repair guy stopped and also you end up the rest of the job and also keep your 100 Simileons.

Contributed by: TOsSharpie

Gramma Hattie"s Cookbook

By maxing your relationship with Gramma Hattie, girlfriend can gain a cookbook from she which has three recipes.

Contributed by: Wisdomelle

Earn more money in the fiddle video game

In the fiddling mini-game in the Bayou, you can earn twice as much money if you have the gold Fiddle in your possession. Girlfriend can get the yellow Fiddle from Cannonball Coleman after perfect a mission for him.

Contributed by: phisho873

Human-eating tree

There space aggressive plants on Splicer Island(Before it gets developed) and also on the bayou that will certainly eat you. If you let castle eat you, you"ll finish up v 2/3 the your needs filled. If you don"t desire them to eat you, whenever they space wrapping the vine about your legs, repeatedly press B.

Contributed by: Superjedi008

readjust Clothes

You deserve to easily readjust all your apparel for no price by going come the Trift Emporium and walking over to the two racks of clothes in the edge of the store. Friend will view a arrowhead over them once you approach it. Push A and also you will certainly be maybe to change you garments at a menu.

Contributed by: LPSoldier92

Spelling punishment Mini video game

After authorized the Nerdies, walk to society Xizzle and buy the assignment Champ Xizzle. Once you have that, you deserve to play the mini video game in the Rep team Clubhouse.

Contributed by: Matthew_Level20

complimentary Maid

(Must have 2-story house)When a maid comes over, as soon as there is one object she hasn"t cleaned, walk upstairs. The maid will be gone once you come back, and you have cleaned stuff :D

Contributed by: egghead58

free Rep

If you contact someone ~ above a telephone, you will gain one (1) allude of rep through them. Making use of this girlfriend can get to 100 rep points through hard-to-raise characters.

Contributed by: bkam4

1 action MIRACLE GROW!!

If friend are worn down of watering her plants well now you don"t need to when your plant has turned brown and needs watering just move it to a various spot and also it turns ago green and also theres no should water it.

Contributed by: natonstan2

special Housewarming gifts

When you invite friends over to her house, lock may give you a piece of furniture depending on whether they are "feeling it" (the vibe from the house) or not. These gifts seem to be mostly unique and also only acquired by the person.

Unlockable Unlockable Invite Luthor L. Bigbucks end Invite Berkeley Clodd over Invite Lily gateways over Invite Lily gateways over Invite Dusty Hogg over Invite Dusty Hogg end Invite Prichard Locksley over Invite Prichard Locksley end Invite Roxanna Moxie end Invite Roxanna Moxie over Invite Futo Maki over Invite Futo Maki over Invite Kris Thistle over Invite Kris Thistle end Invite dad Bigbucks over Invite daddy Bigbucks over Invite Polly Nomial over Invite Phoebe Twiddle over Invite Lottie Cash over Invite Lottie Cash over Invite Sharona much faster over Invite Misty Waters end Invite Misty Waters end Invite Theresa Bullhorn end Invite Theresa Bullhorn end Invite Cannonball Coleman over Invite Giuseppi Mezzoalto over Invite Dr. Maximillian Moore over Invite Mokey/Dr. Mauricio Keyes over Invite Mokey/Dr. Mauricio Keyes over Invite Busta Cruz end Invite Detective Dan D. Mann over Invite Detective Dan D. Mann over Invite Ewan Watahmee over Invite Ewan Watahmee over Invite Lincoln Broadsheet over Invite Lincoln Broadsheet end Invite Darius over Invite Mambo Loa over
"98 Adder Bumper
3-Card Monte Table
Blind justice Statue
Blind justice Statue
Burning speak Sign
Burning spoke Sign
Comedy & Tragedy Masks
Comedy & Tragedy Masks
Flaming Hoop
Flaming Hoop
Go Board
Go Board
Golden Mop Award
Golden Mop Award
Key come the City
Key to the City
Khroniton Reactor
Lawn Flamingo
Lottie Cash Statue
Lottie Cash Statue
Megalodon Tooth
Miss Urbverse Trophy
Miss Urbverse Trophy
Movie Standee
Movie Standee
Music Stand
Orange Pedestal
Periodic Table the Elements
Prehistoric Ficus
Prehistoric Ficus
Punk T-Shirt
Traffic Light
Traffic Light
Uncle Suede"s Cane
Voodoo Dan Doll

Contributed by: Ephidel, ZessT

Rep Group-Exclusive items

Whatever clique you room in, the method is the same: earning complete rep with them.

Unlockable Unlockable Earn full rep meter with the Artsies and talk come Roxie Moxie Earn full rep meter v the Nerdies and talk to Polly Nomial Earn full rep meter through the Streeties and also talk come Darius
Bod-Mod Booth
Mad Skillz Cerebral Data Infuser
Ultimate MP-DEE stereotype System

Contributed by: Crazyboy

Mysterious gifts

Every 30 days, a holiday-related existing will appear at her house. It doesn"t issue which home you live in and also if you move or not. After play the compelled amount of in-game days, you will certainly unlock particular items.

Unlockable Unlockable Play for 120 days Play for 60 work Play for 30 days Play for 90 work
Candy Cane
Mardi Gras Mask
Pilgrim Gnome

Contributed by: Ephidel

Unlockable Storage locations

You unlock these areas by acquiring to maximum relationship with them.

Unlockable Unlockable 100% connection with Phoebe Twiddle 100% partnership with Detective Dan De Mann 100% relationship with Ewan Watahmee 100% partnership with Giuseppi Mezzoalto 100% connection with Theresa Bullhorn
Garbage can (near entrance to society Xizzle in Glasstown)
Hole Behind Poster in Jail
Lost cave in sim quarter
Old broken down college bus (near thrift shop)
Projection booth (near door behind the snack respond to of the cinema in Glasstown)

Contributed by: Menji

Magic lamp

The magic lamp is unlocked by two ways. The magic lamp is things that continues to be in your inventory and also gives girlfriend instant accessibility to a bed and also a toilet.

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Unlockable Unlockable to win the Artsies rep mission while being an artsie and buying the magic lamp xizzle Invite crystal to your house and also she might give you the magic lamp
Magic Lamp
Magic Lamp

Contributed by: Superjedi008

Rep Group-Exclusive items (Richies)

Have a full rep meter v the Richies come unlock this item.

Unlockable Unlockable by earning full rep with the Richies you can unlock the best item in the game, i m sorry refills ALL your motive bars as soon as you usage it.
Sensory Deprivation Tank

Contributed by: Crazyboy

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