I Am lively Releases This Winter, an initial Gameplay Trailer Inside

Ubisoft announced that ns Am lively is comes to Xbox LIVE and also PlayStation Network this winter. The video game is being occurred by Ubisoft Shanghai.I am Alive follows an everyman’s trip ... Read More

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Behind the scenes of the make of Zumba Fitness 2 Video

Get a sneak height at what publisher Majesco to chat is all around when it involves the new Zumba Fitness 2 game. The game is being emerged by Zoe Mode and will it is in exclusively accessible ... Check out More


Battlefield 3 Beta public Beta currently Live, straightforward Impressions

The only video game standing in the method of modern-day Warfare 3 conquering the first-person shooter sales this vacation season is Battlefield 3. The public beta because that the video game is currently live because that the Xbox 360, P... Check out More


Xbox 360 Avatar Marketplace Update

This month there have been a large amount of enhancements to the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace. You have the right to now acquisition newly added items that have been made easily accessible from September 22nd come the 29th.... Read More


New Story Details and Characters Revealed because that The Legend the Zelda: Skyward Sword

I might go right into details around the new information officially exit by Nintendo about The Legend the Zelda Skyward Sword, however I will let you read the push release listed below with every the latest juicy... Check out More


FIFA 12 multiplayer tournaments being hosted across India

Milestone is hosting a knockout FIFA tournament across cities in India, and also participants will gain a chance to victory 2 pc EA games and EA sporting activities t-shirts as well.Here"s the schedule:... Review More

Iron Front: Liberation 1944 All new Details Revealed

Details because that Deep Silver and X1 Software"s upcoming WWII tactical shooter steel Front: Liberation 1944 have actually come v via the game"s website. The video game looks interesting, and also though it might not it seems ~ ... Read More

Syndicate’s very first Trailer Is A Lot favor Deus Ex

EA has released a brand-new trailer for Syndicate, and honestly, the looks a lot favor Deus Ex in premise. But it tho looks interesting.In the no too remote future, the civilization is split into re... Read More

Saints Row: The third – The broad World the Genki

Check the end this brand-new trailer from Saints Row: The 3rd showing Genki in action.This Fall, experience the phenomenon that is acquisition the civilization by storm: Professor Genki"s Super ethical Realit... Check out More

RAGE – Jackal Canyon official Gameplay Trailer

Check the end this sixth and final rage gameplay video – ‘Jackal Canyon: recover the Decrypter’. In this video, the Resistance has actually heard rumors of an Ark surfacing in Jackal Valley, and the... Review More

Modern war 3 Russian Spec Ops Gear included to Avatar Marketplace

Xbox Live users deserve to now purchase the Russian Spec Ops uniform for your avatar from contemporary Warfare 3. So yet an additional military outfit you can include to her collection, i m sorry if you room an avatar pu... Read More

Gears of battle 3 sells 3 Million in One Week

Gears of war 3 has come to be the highest grossing game of 2011, as Microsoft has shown the sales figures. The video game has sold 3 million duplicates in one week, which takes the series past $1 exchange rate in l... Read More

Two brand-new DLC packs for Deus Ex: Human transformation released top top Steam

Two brand-new DLC packs have been released because that Deus Ex: Human change on Steam. It"s not the missing link DLC as that will be released following month. The DLCs space Explosive Mission Pack and also Tactical Enhan... Review More

PSN to continue to be offline for 2 hours tonight

PSN will be offline for two hours tonight. Sony has said the it is because of maintenance, therefore if you setup to pat Battlefield 3, continue to be logged in come PSN before it go offline. The PSN Store, account m... Review More

Rage: Anarchy version Pre-Order Video

Check out the latest Pre-Order video clip from Rage. If girlfriend Pre-Order the Anarchy Edition, friend will acquire the following items.The Anarchy version of fury adds 4 downloadable in-game items t... Check out More

Need because that Speed: The run Teaser Trailer

Check out the recent teaser from require for Speed: The Run. The teaser reflects high octane activity and arcade driving feeling that just NFS gamings can provide.Desc: A 3000 Mile gyeongju from san Fr... Read More

Microsoft to build 17,000 Xbox 360’s per week In Brazil

Microsoft is pushing your gaming hardware in emerging countries like Brazil. Together you know, the import duties are very high there, and a gaming console, i beg your pardon is a high-end item, expenses as much as $15... Check out More

MLB Bobblehead battle Hits Xbox Live

Konami have announced MLB Bobblehead fight is now available on Xbox 360.Players deserve to "play ball" prefer never prior to as MLB Bobblehead Battle allows baseball fans to take part in a range ... Read More

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GAME discover Exclusive Bonus For modern-day Warfare 3

GAME and also gamestation have actually revealed the final component of its to exclude, Classified Intel Pack whereby players can now receive dual XP because that their very first four hrs of gaming on call of Duty: Modern... Review More

Rift: Ashes of background Trailer features The Planar Attunement System

Ashes that History, the recent Rift game update featuring the Planar Attunement system, duo dungeons, and a brand new PvP Warfront, is currently live.Now the time has come because that players to begin a ... Read More