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Taking a unique method to building your composing skills, expertise Rhetoric is the one-and-only ingredient comic book.

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Elizabeth Losh is the director of the Culture, Art, and technology program in ~ the college of California, san Diego, wherein she teaches about graphic novels, media theory, digital writing, and also professional communication. She is the author of Virtualpolitik: one Electronic history of federal government Media-Making in a Time that War, Scandal, Disaster, Miscommunication, and also Mistakes (MIT Press, 2009) and The war on Learning: obtaining Ground in the Digital university (MIT Press, 2014). For Bedford/St. Martin’s, she is the co-author, through Jonathan Alexander, Kevin Cannon, and also Zander Cannon, of expertise Rhetoric. Jonathan Alexander is Professor of English in ~ the university of California, Irvine. The teaches process on writing, graphics books, science fiction, and also sexuality—sometimes all at the very same time. In 2011 he won the Charles Moran compensation for distinguished Contributions come the field of Computers and Writing. The author, editor, or co-author of ripe books, his work focuses primarily on the usage of emerging communications technologies in the to teach of writing. The is the basic editor of college Composition and Communication. Illustrators Kevin Cannon and also Zander Cannon have operated for clients varying from the national Oceanic and also Atmospheric administration to DC Comics, collaborating on such titles as The replacement God and also Smax and winning two Eisners for their work-related on top 10. 

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Table that Contents

Preface: acquiring Graphic Introduction: SPACES for WRITINGDiscovering Contexts for WritingGoing Boldly through Writing Processes*Exploring visual LiteracyReFrame: Why Rhetoric? Why a Comic Book? issue 1: WHY RHETORIC?Piecing together a an interpretation of RhetoricReanimating ancient Views the RhetoricSetting Rhetorical Concepts loose on the World*ReFrame: What go Aristotle need to Do with Me? problem 2: strategic READINGInvestigating texts and assessing MeaningPutting the Pieces together with SynthesisUsing analysis StrategiesImagining best ReadersReFrame: exactly how Do I read This? issue 3: composing IDENTITIESLeaping right into Identities in WritingTrying Out options for various AudiencesRevealing the Performer within the TextReFrame: to be I having actually an identity Crisis? concern 4: ARGUMENT beyond PRO and CONSpotlighting techniques for Argument*Setting the Scene for Arguable AssertionsZooming in ~ above Claims and EvidenceFocusing on efficient OrganizationReFrame: The Office Hour! problem 5: writing TOGETHERGetting TogetherMultiplying Your study OptionsCollaborating with the AudienceManaging Collaborative writing Projects*ReFrame: acquire It Together! problem 6: RESEARCH: much more THAN DETECTIVE WORKKeeping the Story StraightTracking under Sources*Sourcing the SourceMaking resources Talk: Summary, Paraphrase, QuotationComing Clean with CitationReFrame: Wrong turns or Shortcuts? worry 7: inventory REVISIONLooking beyond the Red InkReviewing Rhetorically Seeing with Others’ EyesRevising RadicallyReFrame: to be I missing Something? *Issue 8: FAKE NEWS and also REAL PUBLICATIONLaunching into the Future the Genres*Navigating among Media*Fake News!Entering the last Frontier v Publication*ReFrame: just how Does This Look? GlossaryIndex*Directory of composing Assignments