Yair Rodriguez gone into as among the bright future stars for the UFC, and he performed up to that billing. B.J. Penn was ousted without lot trouble. Rodriguez’s speed and also tenacity blew with the former lightweight and welterweight champion in simply over one round of action.

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The main technical-knockout stoppage come at 0:24 of the 2nd round.

Rodriguez opened up the activity with a large kick come the body. That tried to launch a turn attack, but Penn functioned his way inside come clinch v the rangy youngster. He was unable to hold the position for very long.

Rodriguez’s speed was on screen early, return he was erratic v his striking in the opening 90 seconds.

Penn obtained stunned by the miscellaneous high kicks Rodriguez to be throwing, yet he preserved his composure. The previous champion was content in pacing himself while the prospect fired away with shot after shot. The difficulty with the strategy to be Rodriguez to be landing. A lot.


Time comes because that everyone. BJ obtained tapped top top the shoulder a few years back, just couldn't face it. Tough to overlook it again.


Penn gained backed up to the fence, and also Rodriguez went to work. Penn’s legend toughness to be on full screen as he survived the onslaught. It was every Rodriguez in the very first five minutes as penn looked a little lost handling the speed and range Rodriguez lugged to the table.

Rodriguez to reduce Penn immediately in the second with a front kick-right hand combination, and also a furious finishing flurry placed the room of Famer away.


Wasn't feeling Penn's return native the get-go. Remained low-key about it out of respect. But, yeah, the was exactly why ...

Penn had actually nothing because that the young gun.

The Hawaiian came out the retirement because that this fight, but the reflecting should present him and everyone else he need to go back into retirement. Dad Time catches up come everyone, and also he had currently caught pen by period 38. Rodriguez torching him need to only additional highlight the his run is done in this sport.

As for Rodriguez, sky"s the limit.

He gone into ranked as the No. 10 competitor in the official UFC rankings. ~ dispatching penn in this fashion, he should receive a sizable bump up the ladder. His six-fight win streak is currently only behind the 2 champions: Max Holloway (nine) and also Conor McGregor (seven).

Rodriguez is not the future anymore. That is the present.

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