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Ivan’s TV Repair service provides TV Repair solutions throughout the whole Metro Detroit area in Michigan. Us have been in the TV repair business for over 30 years. We offer high quality, in residence TV fix service. Because that our work we use only original parts. Most of the TV repair occupational will be excellent in her house. All an elderly citizens will get 5% discount native labor. Us will settle your TV in 1-3 days, if TV components are accessible in stock, or 3-15 work if we have to order them. There is no additional charge for weekend TV repair services. Ivan’s TV Repair services are open up 7 days a week indigenous 8 to be till 8 PM.

speak to us and schedule one appointment. We will come to your home diagnose the problem and then will give you an calculation for your TV fix cost. If you decision the TV come be addressed by us we will certainly not fee you the business call fee. If friend decide the you don"t want the TV to be fixed, you might pay our service call fees which is 40$. Every TV repair job, done by us, will have actually 90 job warranty. When you schedule an appointment through us friend should know that we have actually a one hour window.

Ivan"s TV fix shop provides TV repair organization in this cities: City of Allen Park MI, City the Ann Arbor MI, City of Belleville MI, City of Berkley MI, City that Beverly Hills MI, City of Birmingham MI, City of Bloomfield MI, City of Canton MI, City that Clawson MI, City of business TWP MI, City the Dearborn MI, City the Dearborn Heights MI, City of Farmington MI, City that Farmington Hills MI, City of flat Rock MI, City that Garden City MI, City that Grosse Ile MI, City of Lincoln Park MI, City of Livonia MI, City the Milan MI, City of brand-new Boston MI, City of brand-new Hudson MI, City of Northville MI, City that Novi MI, City the Oak Park MI, City that Plymouth MI, City that Redford MI, City of Riverview MI, City the Rochester Hills MI, City the Rockwood MI, City the Romulus MI, City of imperial Oak MI, City of Salem MI, City that Saline MI, City of Southfield MI, City the Southgate MI, City of southern Lyon MI, City of St. Clair Shores MI, City the Sterling Heights MI, City the Taylor MI, City the Trenton MI, City of trojan MI, City that Walled Lake MI, City that Waterford MI, City of Wayne MI, City of West Bloomfield MI, City the Westland MI, City that Whitmore Lake MI, City that Willis MI, Wixom MI, City the Woodhaven MI, City the Wyandotte MI, City that Ypsilanti MI, etc.

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What execute we repair?

We market TV repair organization of the following makes and models: Mitsubishi TV Repair,Sony TV Repair,RCA TV Repair,Toshiba TV Repair,Hitachi TV Repair,Samsung TV Repair,Akai TV Repair,JVC TV Repair,LG TV Repair,Panasonic TV Repair,Philips TV Repair,Sanyo TV Repair,Sharp TV Repair,Sylvania TV Repair,Viewsonic TV Repair,Vizio TV Repair,Zenith TV Repair,Advent TV Repair,Insignia TV Repair,Olivia TV Repair,Polaroid TV Repair,Magnavox TV Repair,etc.

We offer TV repair business of the following types of TVs: Oled TV Repair, curved TV Repair, huge Screen TV Repair, HDTV TV Repair, Plasma TV Repair, DLP TV Repair, LCD TV Repair, LED TV Repair, 4K TV Repair, 3D TV Repair.

If you see among these photos on her TV display that way that the display is crcked and it"s no worth to be fixed.

Do no go in search of TV repair in this case. To replace that display screen with a brand-new one will cost you an ext than purchase a brand-new TV.




Payment and Working hours

techniques of payment:


functioning Hours:

08:00 a.m. To 08:00 p.m.

7 job a week


Sometimes ours customers offer us evaluate of ours work. Girlfriend can likewise read and write evaluate in the adhering to places:

service area



TV repair Allen Park MI, TV fix Ann Arbor MI, TV repair Belleville MI, TV fix Berkley MI, TV repair Beverly Hills MI, TV fix Birmingham MI, TV fix Bloomfield MI, TV fix Canton MI, TV repair Clawson MI, TV repair commerce TWP MI, TV fix Dearborn MI, TV fix Dearborn Heights MI, TV repair Farmington MI, TV fix Farmington Hills MI, TV repair flat Rock MI, TV fix Garden City MI, TV fix Grosse Ile MI, TV fix Lincoln Park MI, TV repair Livonia MI, TV fix Milan MI, TV repair new Boston MI, TV repair brand-new Hudson MI, TV repair Northville MI, TV fix Novi MI, TV fix Oak Park MI, TV repair Plymouth MI, TV fix Redford MI, TV fix Riverview MI, TV fix Rochester Hills MI,TV repair Rockwood MI, TV fix Romulus MI, TV repair royal Oak MI, TV repair Salem MI, TV repair Saline MI, TV repair Southfield MI, TV fix Southgate MI, TV repair south Lyon MI, TV fix St. Clair Shores MI, TV fix Sterling Heights MI, TV fix Taylor MI, TV repair Trenton MI, TV repair troy MI, TV repair Walled Lake MI, TV fix Waterford MI, TV fix Wayne MI, TV fix West Bloomfield MI, TV fix Westland MI, TV repair Whitmore Lake MI, TV repair Willis MI, TV repair Wixom MI, TV fix Woodhaven MI, TV fix Wyandotte MI, TV fix Ypsilanti MI, etc.

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