I practically missed The Smithsonian Channel"s documentary on breasts. Important Strange: The mystery Life of Breasts premiered critical Spring, but I didn"t catch the episode until mid-December. Given the shocking premise the film, it is truly weird that it didn"t receive more media attention.

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The questions raised by The an enig Life of Breasts room ones I"ve thought about for years (or in ~ least because writing my very first book). Researchers and others think that observable changes to breasts may be tied to pollutants in the environment. Artificial chemicals that mimic hormones are frequently found in family cleaning products, flame retardants, furniture, and fragrances. Yet possible links to breast cancer should not it is in our just concern.

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The Secret Life of Breasts asks us to consider:

1. At an early stage onset puberty and breast development in girls as young as 7 years of age. The film talks to a mother and also her pre-teen daughter about her unexpected require for bras. It asks us to think about how beforehand breast development impacts a young girl"s social and psychological development, too.

2. Rise in breast volume that younger women. Bra fitters tell me that the average bra cup size had grown from "C" to "E." The movie confirms exactly how lingerie retailers space now meeting the requirements of a "deep cup" population; young bra wearers fitting into smaller bands with E through K cups.

Media reports insurance claim that bigger breasts deserve to be attributed come the climb of breast implants and obesity. But those debates aren"t donate by any statistics or science. Breast augmentations aren"t the norm for this age group, and weight obtain doesn"t constantly go come one"s breasts.

3. Breasts appearing on young boys and older men. Gynecomastia (male chest growth) occurs in young boys suffering hormone imbalances during puberty. Yet men that all periods are now occurring breasts, some due to known side impacts of medications. The an enig Life that Breasts file one young man employed in the fragrance industry seeking a breast reduction. Plastic operated doctor report an ext males undergoing this procedures and also there is a growing variety of men attract bras because that support.

4. Chemicals found in chest milk. The filmmakers tested samples of breast milk from 10 nursing mothers. The results showed that assorted levels that pollutants to be present in each woman"s milk. Together Florence Williams wrote in her book, individual levels have the right to be lowered but it"s hard to live a chemical totally free life. They"re everywhere: from plastics in cars and computers, come food containers, cosmetic products and household cleaners.

The movie renders it clear that regardless of society"s obsession v breasts, nobody knows much around them. It also poses some interesting questions. If breast milk is a miracle medicine for babies, should it be classified as medication? Even if it were, it"s tough to see just how pregnant and also nursing ladies could avoid exposure. As stated in the film, much less than 1,000 of the 80,000 chemicals supplied in the joined States have actually been tested for hormone disrupting effects.

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To see much more clips indigenous The mystery Life that Breasts, please visit The Smithsonian Channel.

Did you record The secret Life that Breasts? What perform you think the the feasible connection between exposure come chemicals and changes to breasts?