May 22

Listen to Instructor Neithardt"s lecture, he"ll ask Rean to answer a question. Answer it with the second choice "Orbal communication", this will raise your AP by 1. Go to the Library and speak to Emma. Then go to the Old Schoolhouse and speak to Fie, doing this will earn you 50 Link EXP between the two of them. There is also a new book added to the Library as well. You can also speak to Towa at the Student Council Room for a short scene. If you are after the character profile trophy, go to the gymnasium and speak to Casper. Now leave the school through the front gate. In the next event scene, reply with the second choice "The drawstring bag at his feet" this will raise your AP. You are now given the choice to hang out at the dorm, or stay at your room to end the day. Choose to hang out at the dorm if you want to speak to Class VII members.

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New Character ProfilesDateTimeCharacterRequirements
May 22After SchoolEmma Automatic.
Patrick Automatic.
Casper Speak to Casper at the Gymnasium.
May 23NoonGeorge Speak to George at the Engineering Building.
Klein Finish "Substitute Tutor" Quest.
Crow Attend Crow"s Bonding Event.
Gaius Attend Gaius" Bonding Event. *Note: This page will also be added automatically later in the story.
EveningAngelica Speak to Angelica at the Student Council Room.
Instructor Sara Speak to Casper at the Pawn Shop.
Linde Finish "A Rose by Any Other Name" Quest.
Vivi Finish "A Rose by Any Other Name" Quest.
Laura Automatic.
May 29NightJusis Automatic.
May 30NoonFie Automatic.

May 23

Read the letters and see all the available side quest. You can also talk to Towa for a short scene and George to add a page to their character profile. There is also a new recipe you can get, go the bookstore and purchase the sandwich recipe.

Note: The Recipe books are limited to their corresponding chapter, so you must purchase it now or else you will miss it.

Now attend the Bonding Event you like best, you can get a character profile page updated for Crow if you attend his Bonding Event.

Food Recipe List
Tomato SandwichPurchase the "Manly Munchies - Sandwich" book from Keynes" Bookstore
List of Bonding EventsCharacterLocationNotes
EmmaKeynes" BookstoreLink EXP +500
CrowKirsche"s Cafe & InnAdd Page 1 to Crow"s Character Profile.Link EXP +500
GaiusArt RoomAdd Page 1 to Gaius" Character Profile. *Note: This page will also be added automatically later in the story.Link EXP +500
SaraClass VII DormitoryLink EXP +500

Side Quest

Quest NameBook Delivery
Go to Keynes"s Bookstore, speak to Keynes and accept his request. Deliver the books to the following people.Instructor Thomas - School LibraryInstructor Mary - School Main Building 2F, EC Room (Southeast area)Instructor Makarov - School Main Building RooftopVice Principal Heinrich - Main Building 1F, Faculty Lounge (Southeast area)Instructor Sara - Class VII Dorm, Sara"s room

Report to Keynes after delivering all the books.

RewardGroundbait x3, 4 AP

Quest NameSubstitute Tutor
Head to the Lower Class Dorm and speak to Klein. Now go to the House just below south near the river location. Enter the house, speak to the lady and accept the request. Respond with the following choices.Roughly 50 years ago *2nd ChoiceProfessor C.Epstein *1st ChoiceWeapons, like guns and artillery *3rd Choice

You will get two extra AP if you respond by picking the choices listed above.

Reward2000 mira, Add Page 1 to Klein"s Character Profile, 3 (+2) AP
Quest NameOld Schoolhouse Mystery Curia Balm
Finish all your side activities first. Then go to the Old Schoolhouse, this will automatically advance the time of the day to evening. Select the four party members to bring with you. The game will only let you use four party member at once, with the 5th member as support, you can switch party members in battle by pressing R1, or through the menu before battle begins. Now go to the next room, the party will notice an elevator there. Use the elevator and explore the 2nd floor.Start the area by going to the southwest, get the treasure box which contains 150 sepith of each colour, then head downstairs through the south. Go on till you find a ladder, climb up the ladder, and you will find a Floral Bottle right behind the Clay Doll. Now go to the opposite side to find another ladder, climb up.and you will find a monster chest northeast from here. Now go south, there is a switch you can press that is right next to the treasure chest. Now go all the way to the southeast corner of the map, you will find a switch, press it, this will remove a wall near the starting area that lets you go to the exit.


Aurochs Canyon Path 1
Sepith x150 (7 Colours)Aurochs Canyon Path 2
GroundbaitAurochs Canyon Path 3
Mind 2

MonsterItem Drop 1Item Drop 2
Stealth TurtleWhite Beast FleshChitinous Shell
HornteaterChitinous ShellU-Material
AnteaterTear BalmRed Beast Flesh
War MantisReviving BalmChitinous Shell
ZwordarU-MaterialEvade 1
Attack DogTear BalmRed Beast Flesh
Green RacoonRed Beast FleshU-Material
BossHPElemental EfficacyItem Drop
Fate Spinner14420 (Normal)

You will only have three party members with you, which can make this area a bit dangerous. Take advantage of the Orbal Charging Station right at the entrance if you need to heal up. Start by going all the way to the north area of the map, you will find a lever to will open the gate west of the starting entrance. Head over there to get to Underground Waterway 2, once you have reach to the center of the map, Jusis will join your party. Jusis can also now use his S-Break ability as well. You can go to the northeast area to pick up a treasure chest, there is an exit there that leads you outside which you will find Teara in a treasure chest. Return to Underground Waterway 2, and go the west area, you will find a very long ladder, climb all the way up to find a Monster Chest. There will be 8 Platinum Bugs inside, there is a trophy for killing 8 monsters at once, simply have all the monster position near each other and use Fie"s S-Break to instantly wipe them. Climb back down and head to northwest to pick up a Celestial Balm from the treasure chest, and then go to the west exit to Underground Waterway 3. Start by the south area if you want to get a EP Charge II from a chest, now go to opposite to way to find two treasure chest and a switch that will remove the gate at the beginning. Head all the way to west end, you will find a ladder that will lead you to a treasure chest, and the southwest exit to leave the Underground Waterway. Find Machias by his cell and a boss battle will trigger.

Monster GuideNameItem Drop 1Item Drop 2
White FelineRed Beast FleshReviving Balm
Ice DromeHealthy LiquorClear Gelatin
Jewel RateChitinous ShellU-Material
Platinum BugCoarse Rock SaltChitinous Shell
Treasure ListTreasureLocation
Zeram PowderUnderground Waterway 1
TearaBareahard Central Plaza
La CrestUnderground Waterway 2
Celestial Balm
EP Charge IIUnderground Waterway 3
Silver Thorn
Curia Balm
Cast 1
BossHPElemental EfficacyItem Drop
P. Army Soldier4800 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100Teara Balm, EP Charge II
The Provincial Army Soldiers are just your average grunt type enemy. They do have a lot of HP however, with most of their attacks being single target, so you really don"t need to worry about spreading your party members. The soldiers can do one powerful attack which could cause one of your allies to be fainted for a few turns. Just focus on defeating one at a time and then go for the other soldier. If you have your CP maxed, I suggest you save it for later.

When you have defeated the Soldiers, escape from the Underground Waterway, another boss battle will ensue.

BossHPElemental EfficacyItem Drop
Kazakh Doven B18000 (Normal)80, 80, 80, 80HP 2
Kazakh Doven R18000 (Normal)80, 80, 80, 80Hit 2
This will be the final boss fight of this chapter. Focus on defeating one of the dogs first, I would suggest you go for Doven R (The one that is covered in Gold Plates) first. As Doven R has the ability to buff themselves. The boss can deal massive damage on a single target, so its recommended you buff yourself up with abilities such as Crest to raise your defense. If you save your S-Break from earlier, it would come pretty handy for this. Since the boss can deal massive damage on a single target, I would suggest you to keep your allies HP at 1400-1800 at all times.

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Watch the event scene. The Chapter will end and will add up all the AP you have accumulated in this Chapter.